Monday, September 10, 2007

O'Malley's Tallies: The Week One Fantasy Football Recap

In America, September 9th is not a day traditionally circled on the calendar. However, in 2007, the ninth day of the ninth month has significant impact on the lives of millions, as it is the first of 17 consecutive football Sundays.

No more being teased by the draft coverage in April, mini-camps in May, or training camp and preseason games in August. The regular season has arrived, and just as importantly, so has another season of fantasy.

So, without further ado, lets get started with the first edition of "O'Malley's Tallies" -- my weekly column about studs and duds, aimed at those of you who may have missed the action:


Peyton Manning (QB, Colts) – Seems like every year in a ton of drafts someone says Peyton was drafted way too early, only for him to go out and show the world why that is far from the truth. In front of the national spotlight, all Manning did was complete 60% of his passes, throw for 288 yards, and oh yeah, throw for three touchdown passes. Forget ESPN's "only draft running backs in round one" strategy. I’d say Manning's stats are late first-round numbers.

Randy Moss (WR, Patriots) – Since Randy’s messy divorce from the Vikings a few years ago, many critics love to say that Randy hasn’t been and will never be the same without Daunte Culpepper as his quarterback in the friendly confines of the Metrodome. After today, those critics have begun to eat their words faster than Kobayashi eats hot dogs. While Randy has always been a difficult one to predict, 9 catches for 183 yards and a touchdown is easy to translate. Many more victories and smiles for the Brady/Moss duo.

Travis Henry (RB, Broncos) – What do you get when you mix a mean, hard nosed veteran running back and a coach who is known to turn even practice squad players into 1,000 yard backs? The answer is the new and improved Travis Henry, who seemed to fit right into that well-known Mike Shanahan scheme with his 139 yards on the ground and 44 through the air. It seems the Mile High City should be ready to anoint another 1,000 yard back into their books sooner than later.

Tony Romo (QB, Cowboys) – Whether it has been a productive offseason, comfort in Princeton graduate Jason Garrett’s new offensive system, or the fact that he is allegedly dating the beautiful Carrie Underwood, that patented Tony Romo smile was back on his face during the national spotlight. After botching the game winning snap in the playoff loss back in December in Seattle, the Eastern Illinois product went out and threw for 345 yards on 15 completions, 4 touchdown passes, and one rushing touchdown to top things off. With consistent play like this, one has to love the chances of Dallas making a deep playoff run come December and January.

Adrian Peterson (RB, Vikings) – If week one is any indication, the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year might be a runaway in 2007. This former Oklahoma Sooner ran for an impressive 103 yards on 19 carries and made a wonderful reception on his 60 yard touchdown catch that put the icing on the proverbial cake for the Vikings vs. the Falcons. While Chester Taylor has been more than a serviceable running back in his time in Minnesota, consistent performances like this from Peterson will faze out Taylor very quickly as time goes on.


Drew Brees (QB, Saints) – I don’t know about all of you, but when I saw Brees connect on 35 out of 39 passes in the preseason with Colston and Co., I was ready to put his name in the early season MVP talk. Then week 1 came…ouch. Drew looked thoroughly confused out there against a mediocre Colts defense, throwing for just 192 yards and two interceptions while nearly setting the NFL record for lowest amount of yards per completion (4.7 yards on 28 completions!). Things are going to have to change down in the Bayou if these Cinderella Saints want to march on into the playoffs again this year (no pun intended there…seriously).

Ronnie Brown (RB, Dolphins) – Being a Dolphins fan all my life, this one is a tough one to admit. The former #2 overall pick continues to get every chance in the world to shine and yet never takes it to the next level. With Jesse Chatman apparently clipping at his heels, Mr. Brown can’t afford to have too many more 2.9 YPC efforts for his team or his fantasy owners. Sorry "Talented" Mr. Roto -- you're obsession with this guy simply defies the numbers.

Rex Grossman (QB, Bears) – What is that I hear? Ah yes, the sound of frustrated Bears fans calling the name of Mr. Brian Griese. In a game where the AFC powerhouse Chargers struggled big time against the Chicago defense, Grossman could not seem to step and deliver the big play when the team needed him most. After going 12/23 for 145 and 1 INT Sunday afternoon, the pressure on the back on Grossman may have gotten a little bit tighter as the team heads to their home opener vs. the Chiefs next Sunday.

Donovan McNabb (QB, Eagles) – After a stellar offseason filled with a lot of promising rehab and hope, expectations have been high as usual in the city of Brotherly Love when it comes to their beloved E-A-G-L-E-S and quarterback Donovan McNabb. With a completion percentage of under 50%, less than 200 yards passing and only 1 touchdown to go along with one interception on Sunday, many Eagle fans expected more from #5 in the season opener against a Green Bay secondary that leaves a lot to be desired. If the Eagles want to keep pace with division foes Dallas and New York, McNabb must be able to take advantage of favorable matchups like he had in Lambeau.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, there is your week 1 recap. Before I close, however, I wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett. On Sunday, Everett suffered a severe neck injury in the Bills' loss to the Denver Broncos. Right now, doctors are unsure of Edwards's long-term prognosis.

All of us in the family are praying that the University of Miami alumnus will have a speedy recovery and return to doing activities that he loves.

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mangan said...

the kobayashi line was money. no love for plaxico burress? he had a retard throwing him the ball while randy moss has arguably the 2nd best qb in the league sending the ball his way. if plax puts up numbers like this next week with the hefty lefty behind center, show the g-men some love.

mangan said...

i'd like to reply to my own comment in light of recent evidence exposing the patriots as cheaters. dirty, filthy cheaters. it's like playing a 10 year old in madden and watching what plays he picks on defense before you choose your offense. it just ain't right. with that said, i request that an * be placed next to the line where I called brady "arguably the 2nd best qb in the league".

instead of punishing the patriots by exposing them right away and docking draft picks, the nfl should have not gone public with it right away and just told every other nfl team what they were doing so they can throw fake signs out there and watch the pats get burned on a couple of plays. it's like when I show run on the playcall screen while holding L1 to choose play-action. now that would be justice.

John O'Malley said...

You make a great point about Plaxico sir. While I am more than willing to move Plax up in my rankings with continued performances like last Sunday night, it seems as if talent has never been his problem his entire career. Burress has always seemed to be a player that shows up one week, and is nowhere to be found the next.
We shall see if he improves his consistency in 07'..

Anonymous said...

As a Giants fan and a somewhat hefty individual myself, I can assure you Big Blue will suffer under the control of Mr. Lorenzen (does anyone else think there is one too many sylables in his name?)

Also Mr. "O'Malley's Tallies", please get with the program and recognize the true champion on hot dog eating, Mr. Joey Chestnut.