Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Welcome to SportsJudge Blog

This is Marc Edelman, founder of SportsJudge.com, welcoming you to the newly launched SportsJudge Blog. This blog will provide cutting-edge fantasy-sports advice from our team of experts in the fields of law, finance, mathematics, medicine, and psychology. While the advice on this site is not intended to replace your daily reading of the sports pages, our target audience is indeed the avid fantasy gamer that wants insights not available through common online publications.

Whereas the main purpose of SportsJudge.com is to resolve fantasy sports disputes based on legal principles, the main purpose of SportsJudge Blog is to provide you with insights that improve your fantasy gaming performance. These insights are rarely based on gut instincts, but rather based on many years of traditional academic and real-world experience.

I look forward to acquainting you with our team of writers. Like all of our previous ventures at Highball Entertainment, I have no doubt you will be impressed.

Very best,

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Ed Fenster said...

What a great looking blog, and better yet we finally have a place to learn about the legalities of our testosterone fueled arguments.

The SpotsJudge website is awesome, and will be a resource when we need to settle contentious matters in our league.

Thanks your Honor .... you rule!