Monday, November 19, 2007

O'Malley's Tallies: Week 11 -- 4 of a Kind

Coming into Week 11, there was not that one major marquee game that everyone seemed to be talking about. Unlike in week's past when the Pats played the Colts or the Cowboys played the Giants, Week 11 was all about dodging that potential spoiler that could make or break a team's playoff hopes. Some teams like the Colts, Eagles, and Bucs all managed to take care of their business and get that crucial win they desperately needed. However, a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers may have slightly overlooked their opponent and suffered a loss vs. a Jet team that loved playing that underdog role of "spoiler." Without further ado, here are the rest of the ups and downs of week 11...


  1. Terrell Owens – If it wasn’t for the aforementioned Mr. Moss up in New England, T.O. would be the man everyone is talking about as the league’s top receiver. Despite numerous double teams and safety help from various defenses each week, no one can seem to slow down the T.O./Romo train right now. Sunday was definitely no different, as Owens tied the club record with 4 touchdowns in a game to go along with 8 catches for 173 yards in Dallas’ 28-23 victory over division rival Washington.

  1. Chester Taylor – Despite losing the consensus Rookie of the Year to a knee injury last week, the Vikings didn’t seem to miss a beat at all with Chester Taylor handling the load. Going against a Raiders rush defense that has been abysmal all year long, Taylor ran wild in the Metrodome for a total of 164 yards on 22 carries. In addition, it was his three touchdowns that sealed the deal in the Vikes 29-22 victory that spoiled the homecoming of former quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

  1. Antrel Rolle – If you saw any of Sunday’s Cardinals/Bengals game on television you might have thought that Cardinals cornerback Antrel Rolle was one of Carson Palmer’s top receivers! In a game expected to be an offensive shootout right from the get go, it was Rolle and the Cardinals defense that were the catalyst for Zona’s 35-27 road victory yesterday. On the day, Rolle registered 4 tackles, 3 interceptions, 3 deflected passes, and two defensive touchdowns. Any of you out there that were smart enough to start him in your IDP leagues deserve a major pat on the back!

  1. Tom Brady/Randy Moss – I wasn’t lying last week when I said the only week these two wouldn’t make the stud list is during the team’s bye. It is almost comical how easy these two are making it look on the football field right now..

  1. Matt Hasselback – When you think of Pro Bowl quarterbacks this season, who do you think of? Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo?? How about a little respect for Matt Hasselback ladies and gentlemen! Very quietly, Hasselback is truly having a great year for the Seahawks despite a banged up Shaun Alexander for the majority of the way. Playing Sunday against a talented Chicago defense, the former Golden Eagle stepped up big time, throwing for 337 yards and 2 touchdowns against 0 interceptions in the team’s 30-23 win. With 17 touchdowns and a 91.7 quarterback rating thus far, we could be seeing Mr. Hasselback in Aloha Stadium come February.


  1. Donovan McNabb – As I have said many times before, WHAT A DIFFERENCE A WEEK CAN MAKE! After torching the Skins last week for four touchdown passes, D Mac was truly horrific this week vs. the Fish at home in front of his home fans. Before getting injured late in the second quarter, McNabb’s stat line was 3-11 for 34 yards and two interceptions. If it wasn’t for a dominant effort out of Brian Westbrook, yesterday’s game vs. the winless Fish could of gotten a little interesting for the Eagles..

  1. Byron Leftwich – Why would Bobby Petrino bench Joey Harrington after leading the Falcons to back to back wins? My thoughts exactly. Before eventually getting yanked in the middle of the game, Leftwich looked awful against a hungry Buc’s team coming off of their bye week. For the day, Leftwich went 15-28 for an ugly 106 yards and two interceptions. While Harrington is far from the second coming of Johnny Unitas, at least the team has had the ability to win a few with him at the helm.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – This one is quick and easy. If you want to be put in the same discussions at the Colts and Patriots, you do not under any circumstances lose to the Jets at home. Whether it was the poor effort from the offensive line or the defense looking slow and sluggish at times, the Steelers definitely did not come to play on Sunday. With Mike Tomlin being such a no nonsense type of coach, expect the Steelers to bounce back next week and trounce Ricky and Fins next Monday night.

  1. Trent Dilfer – Here is a good question for all of my faithful readers. Who do you think would total more points/runs over the course of 16 games? The San Francisco 49ers or the San Francisco Giants? I never thought I would say this coming into this year, but the 49ers are truly AWFUL on the offensive side of the ball. JOE NEDNEY FOR THE TEAM’S OFFENSIVE MVP!!!


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