Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bang the Gavel: Sunday's Weekly Notes

On February 22nd, Major League Baseball asked the Supreme Court to review a lower court's decision that found the first amendment protects free use of baseball players’ names and statistics in fantasy sports games. For more details on MLB's petition, visit my recent column at Above the Law.

Derrick Eckhardt, the editor-in-chief of RotoNation declared Friday March 7, "Tell a Friend about RotoNation Day." Of course we are a tad late. However, Mr. Eckhardt runs one of the best fantasy news sites on the web. So, we're telling all of you about it.

With the NCAA Tournament quickly approaching, the SportsJudge team has invited basketball expert Dan Elzer to join us as a special columnist. Mr. Elzer will be helping our readers to prepare their March Madness brackets.

The National Fantasy Baseball Championship
drafts begin this Friday. will be helping to run the New York City drafts. If you attend the draft, be sure to say "hello" to the folks wearing shirts. They may offer you a one-time only special promotional item.

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