Friday, March 7, 2008

Bennett and Bodin on Baseball V: Using the "S" Strategy at Auction

As we alluded in our last post, today we are going to begin discussing strategies to use at an auction draft. Because strategies do not change much from year to year (only the players do), much of our analysis today comes from our research back in October 2006. That analysis originally appeared at Roto Times, a website that was once run by Nate Ravitz (now with Today, however, we are proud to be guys through-and-through.

What we are going to over the next several days is present the strategies used by the top finishers in the LLRG Draft. Remember, this is a group of highly skilled players that had first competed in the LABR. Ultimately, you will have to decide which one works best for your style.

Today's strategy of the day is Cameron Bennett's "S" Strategy:

This strategy comes from one of yours truly, Cameron Bennett, who finished in first place in the 2006 LLRG by implementing what we call the "S" strategy. The "S" strategy consists of the following:

Starter: Purchase a top-end starter, as there is no way to recover from a snowballing ERA or RATIO without a true ace.

Speed: Acquire some speed since steals are always at a premium. Bennett noted that he spent too many seasons trying to make up stolen bases that just are never available during the season.

Target two middle of the road closers to keep near the top in saves.

Sophomores: Target two or three players coming into their sophomore seasons that came off of mediocre or over-hyped rookie seasons and a few others that look to retain their strong rookie seasons.

Setbacks: Target a couple top players primed for big years coming off of injuries.

Star: Acquire one offensive big bat star player.

Who Should Use the "S" Strategy?:

The "S" Strategy is not for everybody. It works best when used with patience and with foresight. An "S" Strategy team may not get many mid-price players, meaning there is a need to be extra diligent on the free agent wire. An "S" Strategy user cannot jump the gun on any high-priced player that does not fit the plan. That would throw off everything.

For those of you uncomfortable with the "S" Strategy, no worries. We will be back in a couple of days with a few alternatives.

Drs. Bennett and Bodin encourage comments and questions and will attempt to answer these comments and questions both personally and in future columns. Bodin can be reached at and Bennett can be reached at

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