Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Extra Points: Thanksgiving Day Picks

Tomorrow might be the best holiday of the year. First of all, it was 23 years ago that I was born on this holiday and second, you get to eat a lot of good food and watch some good football with family and friends. This is the last week of most fantasy regular seasons, so if you need some confidence boosters, go with these guys. I don't know what my record is anymore in picking these guys, but I did a fair job telling you about Sage Rosenfels, Shaun Hill, and Lance Moore to name a few. Not so well with Cedric Benson, Bobby Wade, and the Dolphins D/ST.

Here are some picks to be thankful for.

Titans at Lions
I had it all lined up to pick a Lions player this week. I thought it would be a good sentimental to pick Daunte Culpepper but then the Titans lost last week and I don't see the Lions putting up more than 10 points, and 7 of them might come on defense. We will see how real the Titans are, and this is a no-brainer going with the Titans D/ST this week.

Seahawks at Cowboys
I am on the Cowboys bandwagon again, maybe it just took one good week to prove that they are still a very good team and maybe I'll jump off again if they have an ugly loss in front of a national audience. Fortunately, I don't see that happening but I do see another big offensive game. Tony Romo has five 3-touchdown games in the eight he has played in. Last week the big receiver was Terrell Owens and he could very well have 3 scores this week. Get your stuffing reading for this show.

Cardinals at Eagles
This will probably be the most exciting game of the day, it is just too bad that hardly any of us will be able to see it. NFL Network will try and broadcast a better game than the Colts demolition of the Falcons last year. The Cardinals are a very good team, mostly because of Kurt Warner, but they are traveling East on a short week. Throw the stats out on this one because I don't see McNabb shinning in the spotlight. Last time he was on the national stage with this much attention he literally 'left it all out on the field'. I'll take Larry Fitzgerald to have a massive game and I will parlay that with a McNabb 'injury'.

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Ed Fenster said...

Nice pick with the Titans D. You may have just sealed my playoff fate. Happy Turkey Day.