Thursday, November 20, 2008

Extra Points: Week 12 Studs

I wanted to get tonight's game in before the game started. I'll have the rest of this weekend's studs up on Friday.

First, with the game last Thursday, I picked the Jets D/ST. Note the 'ST', thankfully if you played them, much as I did, you got the special teams touchdown. So, although giving up 31 points and looking ugly in the 2nd half, the Jets got 6 fantasy points for you most likely. I'm going to consider this a push, for that reason- 31 points, and you still get 6 fantasy points. Two weeks ago I warned you about Leon Washington, and he did nothing, but I hope you considered him last week.

Bengals at Steelers
I really don't like any offensive players in this game. The Bengals 'held' the Eagles to 13 points in 5 quarters last week. I think teams don't get up for games against weaker opponents. Then again everyone is talking about Hines Ward and retaliation for the hit he laid out versus the Bengals earlier this season. No Chad Ocho Cinco tonight, and I told you about Housh last weekend, so this week, go with Cedric Benson. I wanted to say Chris Henry, but I don't know about the passing game. Benson will get his opportunities, even if the Bengals go 3 and out every time. Play him, he is worth 10 fantasy points tonight.

(Friday Update: I apologize for picking anyone on the Bengals ever. Remind me not to do it again!)

Texans at Browns
With two weeks left in the fantasy season, I figured you might be needing some late pick ups. Go ahead and take a try at Sage Rosenfels. He's not going to cost you a fantasy game, he can only be a positive. He has a good team around him and he will get plenty of opportunities in what should be a shoot out on both sides.

49ers at Cowboys
Speaking of fantasy pick-ups, you could take Shaun Hill. Again, another player that won't cost you fantasy points. The Cowboys have been known for their drama and lack of defense. If the Cowboys are going to change that ideology about their team they will focus on the running game and leave Shaun Hill open to air it out. If you have a quarterback facing a tough defense, you might consider Hill.

Buccaneers at Lions
Ike Hilliard, thanks for not showing up last week. I can give you a man who will show up this week. Warrick Dunn has taken over for Earnest Graham and fortunately for him they are playing against the lowly Lions. Will the Lions get a win before their national showdown on Thanksgiving Day against the Titans? No.

Jets at Titans
There is a lot of noise around the Jets suddenly. Could they be the team that knocks off the Titans? I doubt it, but if they are going to it will come on the shoulders of a big play from Tight End Dustin Keller. Keller has three scores this year and last week he had eight catches, a career high. Play-action will get it done versus the Titans.

Bills at Chiefs
A man who has gone quietly under the radar is Bills running back Marshawn Lynch. He hasn't scored since week 8 but did have over 175 total yards last week. It is the Chiefs and they are almost as miserable as the Rams. I think its a safe bet to say that Lynch score TWICE this week and the Bills get back on the right track, keeping the division tight.

Bears at Rams
This is an easy one. I never thought I'd mention this name in the fantasy world, but Kyle Orton will have a great game. Its the Rams, they aren't that good. They aren't good at all, and surprisingly Orton has been the savior of Chicago in a way. I love whoever is playing the Rams. I'd take Granny Grunts Crusaders over the Rams at this point.

Patriots at Dolphins
Each week that I pick against the Dolphins, they end up winning. Last week the Raiders D/ST did an okay job against the wildcat. This week I'll go with the Dolphins D/ST. I did pick the Jets D/ST last week versus the Patriots and we saw how that worked. But I've said it before, every Jerry Porter is right twice a year, and he is predicting that the Dolphins shut up the Patriots. We'll see. It's a big game.

Vikings at Jaguars
The Jaguars haven't had the best defensive year. The Vikings on the other hand have had a mix of offensive production. Some days they are on, others they are miserable. I'm thinking this will be a good week for the Vikings offense, lead by the passing game. I'm thinking that Bobby Wade will be the beneficiary of some long balls.

Eagles at Ravens
Well now that Donovan McNabb has a sense of urgency to get a win, I'd expect him to try and move the ball a bit more. That doesn't mean anything though because the Ravens still have a great defense. I'll take David Akers kicking for the Eagles. You can't stop the Eagles offense, unless you are the Bengals, but you can contain them. Akers should be a safe bet unless it is 20-degrees below with strong winds.

Raiders at Broncos
I've been slowly turning towards the Raiders as a team that will have a breakout game. When you think about the Broncos you think about their susceptible pass defense. I know Russell hasn't done much but that isn't to say that Roland Curry can't get a score. Division games are always more exciting and this isn't a local blackout for Oakland fans. Curry can be a great flex option this week.

Panthers at Falcons
The Falcons are at home. They are 4-1 in the Dome and they give up just over 20 points at home. It's not the best, but it is pretty good. I'll take the Falcons D/ST this week over an over-achieving Panthers team. Stop the run, stop the Panthers, get another home win and keep the division in your sights.

Giants at Cardinals
The G-Men have a tough passing defense so we will see how Kurt Warner does against his former team. The safer bet for the Cardinals will be to play J.J. Arrington. With Edgerrin James all but out of Arizona, Arrington is the goal line back while Hightower is getting the bulk of the carries. This will be one of the better games this week, hopefully Arrington can score in the redzone.

Redskins at Seahawks
Who scored two touchdowns last week for the Seahawks? That would be T.J. Duckett. Who's to say he won't do it again? He has been the only fantasy highlight for the Seahawks in a long time. It is a stretch, but if you are desperate, I'd take Duckett as a flex.

Colts at Chargers
Peyton Manning will have a feast with the Chargers. The only question is, who is he going to pass it to? Dallas Clark has three scores in his last two road games, and this week looks to favor Clark scoring. Clark could emerge as the second best receiver in this offense down the stretch.

Packers at Saints
This is an easy game for Lance Moore of the Saints. His stats these past three games include 20 catches, 168 yards, 3 TDs, and 44 fantasy points. Are you going to not play him this week? Here's a tip too, looking ahead at the rest of the Saints schedule says you should definitely get him on your roster. Good players shine in the spotlight on Monday night.

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