Saturday, December 6, 2008

Extra Points: Week 14 Studs Cont.

After one game I already find myself down 20-0 in my playoffs after Vincent Jackson went crazy on Thursday night. Sort that game under, "Didn't see that one coming". So now I am here to offer you some more help if you are already down going into Sunday's games or if you just want to run up that score. Everyone is in play this week.

Jaguars at Bears
The Jags are pathetic this year. They allowed Steve Slaton to run all over them on Monday night in front of a national audience and there's no denying that Forte can do the same. I'm not taking Forte though, instead I'm playing Kyle Orton. The Jaguars allow over 13 fantasy points per game (fppg) to opposing quarterbacks. Orton has been mediocre the past three games but they were all on the road. Expect Orton to do big things returning at home this week as the play-action will open it up.

Vikings at Lions
I am not sold on the Vikings doing anything this week. I don't care what you say about the Lions, this could actually be the week that they get their first win. I'm easily playing Calvin Johnson, with or without the suspensions to the two Williams' on the Vikings D-line. Johnson has scored in six of his last eight games and had 14 fantasy points against the Vikings earlier this season. Johnson is the best thing going for the Lions and if he has a great game the Lions might get their first win.

Texans at Packers
The other thing we saw Monday night was in a blowout, the Texans allowed almost 300 yards passing to Daivd Garrard. The Texans are in the bottom 10, allowing 14 fppg to opposing quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are not out of contention but after losing two in a row, they need a win. Rodgers has 63 fantasy points his past three games and that includes throwing five interceptions. Another 20+ point game is probable.

Browns at Titans
So you are going to play everyone on the Titans this week, but who is going to have he most points? Go with the running game, and specifically LenDale White because the Titans will be in the redzone often and short carries will go to White. Not to say that Chris Johnson won't have a good game I just feel that White will have a multiple scoring game, so get him in.

Bengals at Colts
Last week was a fluke for Peyton Manning. I don't even have to look at the numbers or history to tell you to play Manning this week. But just incase you need the stats, the last time that Peyton failed to throw a touchdown in a game this season, he came back the next week with a 20 point performance... against the Titans. (Titans >>>> Bengals)

Falcons at Saints
Falcons on the road, thus I'm taking the Saints. Although the Falcons have been great lately, I just feel that the against the Saints it is going to be a close game. Deuce McAllister will be around but I like Pierre Thomas this week. Plenty of opportunities will arise for the Saints offense and with more focus on the passing game the Falcons will be susceptible to the run.

Eagles at Giants
No Plax, no problem. Eli can throw the ball still and Brandon Jacobs can still run. It was just a few weeks ago that Jacobs put up 120 yards and 2 TDs against the Eagles. Simply put, the Eagles haven't gotten any better on defense in this short time and the Giants might actually rely a bit more on the run now. Jacobs is healthy and ready to go.

Chiefs at Broncos
I am going to give Tyler Thigpen a chance. It is playoff time and I have faith in the kid. He had five straight 20 fantasy point games and last week the Raiders showed up and kept him down. Fortunately it is the Broncos this week and Thigpen is ready to rebound with another 20 point game.

Dolphins at Bills
Marshawn Lynch has been rejuvenated lately and fortunately for the Bills. Buffalo has quarterback issues but Lynch is a certainty and that is all the Bills need. This game is up in Toronto so expect a large crowd and although it is almost winter time, the game won't be susceptible to winter conditions in the retractable stadium. The Bills won't embarrass themselves to their friends just north of the border so expect a big showing by Lynch.

Jets at 49ers
Speaking of Lynch, last week he went off for 134 yards against the 49ers, so Thomas Jones seems like an obvious play. The 49ers allow 20 fppg to opposing running backs and although the Jets are heading West for their third time this year (0-2) they have to catch a break once, right? Jones put up 159 rushing yards last time out West so go ahead and play him this week as the Jets need this win to keep ahead of the Pats.

Patriots at Seahawks
Oh the Patriots. Is everyone off the Matt Cassel bandwagon yet? Well, get back on this week. You really thought that Matt Cassel would do anything good versus the Steelers? It is the Seahawks and they have been abysmal this year, possible worse than the Lions. 400 yards is not out of the realm this week. Who's the last quarterback to throw for 400 yards in 3 out of 4 games? I don't know, but if Cassel throws for 400 this week we will know the answer.

Rams at Cardinals
Have the Cardinals clinched yet? It seems like it has been a five week struggle for Arizona to do solidify their spot. I'm going with Tim Hightower this week. It is simple. He has stunk ever since he last played St. Louis, five weeks ago. He put up 107 yards rushing in that game and has had just 85 yards total since then. Hightower is a definite play this week.

Cowboys at Steelers
What'd I tell you about the Steelers defense, don't play any opposing quarterback. Oh, the Cowboys are also without Marion Barber. So stick with the Steelers D/ST in this game. The Cowboys are in desperation mode as time is running out, especailly if the Falcons win, but the Steelers are just too good.
Redskins at Ravens
I don't see this as being an exciting game but I feel that there will be plenty of opportunities for scores. Every fantasy team needs a good kicker so play Matt Stover. When every single point matters, a kicker who scores 0 points will hurt your team and cost you a chance at moving on.

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Brian Doyle said...

I think I'm one of the few people who have refused to get on the Cassel bangwagon. Granted I've only seen two Pats games this year, but I don't think he played well in either of them (against San Francisco and San Diego).