Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Legal Community Sings Praises of's Fantasy Baseball Arbitration

Last week, both David Frank of the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and Robert J. Ambrogi of Legal Blog Watch sung the praises of SportsJudge's April 10, 2009 fantasy baseball arbitration ruling, which held the Hampshire League Commissioner could not unilaterally extend the bidding process for signing free agents.

For those interested in learning why the SportsJudge Court of Fantasy Baseball ruled against extending the free agent bidding period, visit our docket of published opinions and search for the case Philadelphia Freedoms v. Cedarburg Tigers & the Hampshire Baseball League, Index No. 3004.

Also, for those that are interested in seeing what SportsJudge justices do during the day (when they are not engaged in fantasy baseball arbitration), see here and here.

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The Freezer said...

Congrats on the positive press! I have never used SportsJudge's services for fantasy baseball arbitration (I don't play fantasy baseball). However, I certainly plan to be back for the football season.

Couldn't help but notice that some newspaper this morning was advertising a similar services But, they didn't seem to have lawyers running the show. In fact, not even sure who there dudes were.

Heck, I'm sticking with SportsJudge until Clarence Thomas retires from the bench and starts his own fantasy arbitration site.

Maybe I'd leave you for Alito too. But, not for anyone else.

Brian Doyle said...

David Souter is bound to have some free time on his hands now, maybe he'd like to be an associate justice on the SJ bench.