Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fantasy NASCAR: Aaron's 499

We are back to the super speedways and this weekend the circuit is in Alabama as they race at Talladega. They say that the infield at the 2.5-mile track is the largest party of the south for patrons and to be honest the race itself can be a party at times with groups of cars bunched up at all times throughout the race.

When people think about Talladega they think of one thing, the Big One. The Big One is a common happening at super speedways, especially at 'Dega. As with any restrictor plate race the cars are usually bunched together throughout the entire race making for excitement around every turn and lead changes come in dozens. But with all these cars together there is that chance for a large wreck. The Big One is not partial to anyone as leaders and lapped cars alike are subject to its wrath.

With that being said, it is hard to predict winners at this track but looking at past results I've come up with my top 5 for this weekend.

1- Jeff Gordon: Why not? Have we not learned anything this year from my column? Jeff Gordon has the most career victories at this track than any other driver, ever! Gordon has raced here half as many times as most other legends and still has more victories. Some teams are set up for these type of races and Jeff Gordon is one of those. Starting near the front will keep him out of trouble.

2- Kyle Busch: Busch won this race last spring and has the 2nd most points at this track over the past year. Busch has been involved in the Big One a few times because of his aggressive style of driving. Busch is itching to get back to victory lane although he has already won this year. Aside from Jeff Gordon, Busch is my lock for a top-5 this weekend.

3- Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Once upon a time DEI Racing was a formidable foe for restrictor plate races. Dale Jr. has taken all of his knowledge and brought it with him to Hendrick Motorsports and is poised for a great finish. Dale Jr. once won this race four straight times and has five total victories here. His track record speaks for itself and speaking of someone looking to end a winless streak, not winning since June of 2008.

4- Jimmie Johnson: Over the last five races Johnson is one of three drivers to have three top-5 finishes at Talladega. He has also completed the most amount of laps over that same time than any other driver. His last win at this track came in 2006 but the way he has been racing since, its a surprise he hasn't won more at this track. Johnson has more points than any other driver at this track over the last 5 races here.

5- Tony Stewart: Your defending champ at this track is looking to repeat. He is back in the Chevrolet and the past few weeks have been great for his team. Tony Stewart has the most points at this track over the past ten races and has led the third most laps over the past 5 races here. Tony is hot and there is no reason not to expect the same this weekend.

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Chris said...

Wow, an impressive race. Joe I hope you watched it.