Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Phoenix Coyotes Debacle: Shall they Stay or Shall they Go?

A number of people have been asking me, based on my extensive experience in sports antitrust, whether the NHL can prevent the Phoenix Coyotes from moving to Hamilton, Canada.

David Naylor of the Globe and Mail wrote a great piece on this issue today, in which I am quoted alongside Tulane's Gabe Feldman and Penn State's Stephen Ross.

For hockey fans who are wondering where the Coyotes will be next year, I thought you might enjoy:

For media that wishes to gain further insight on this case, feel free to reach out to me at

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Tim Cedrone said...

I think one aspect of the antitrust claim that has failed to get any coverage is that regardless of the outcome, the losing party (be it the NHL or the Coyotes) will have the opportunity to appeal the decision. The appeal could be heard by the District Court, a Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, or the 9th Circuit. The appeal could be heard in an expedited manner, similar to the ongoing Chrysler appeal. Considering the time sensitivity of this case due to the start of the NHL season, an expedited hearing is plausible. And given how important resolution of the antitrust issue is to both sides, an appeal seems very likely.

Tim Cedrone said...

Word broke today that Judge Redfield Baum has made a ruling in the case, and he has rejected the proposal of Jim Balsillie. For my quick take on this development, check out my blog,

I hope to have a post up on SportsJudge Blog in a few days discussing the ruling in a bit more detail.

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