Sunday, September 13, 2009

Denver Tops Cincinnati on Miracle Touchdown

In March, our own Brian Doyle wrote an excellent piece on why you should watch whatever game that announcer Gus Johnson calls:
I haven’t done any research to prove this, but it seems that Gus Johnson has a knack for getting stuck with the exciting, it’s-going-to-come-down-to-the-last-possession NCAA Tournament games. Does he end up calling more close games than anyone other commentator? I can’t say that with certainty, but part of the reason why many games are so memorable is because Gus Johnson is calling the game. It’s pretty well known that Gus brings the excitement of a tween who got tickets to a New Kids on the Block Concert in 1989 to all of his games. Whether it’s his “RISE AND FIRE” description of an insignificant shot in the first half or when his screaming at the end of a game coincides with Adam Morrison crying at center court, he's entertaining.
I'll be honest with you, whenever I need a pick me up, I come back to Brian's article and watch a few of the clips. Gus Johnson has a way of making the most exciting games even more thrilling and I love it. This afternoon, after watching a great slate of NFL Week 1 games, I stumbled across a feed of the Denver-Cincinnati game and after noticing Gus Johnson was announcing, I followed Brian's advice and watched. Cincinnati drove the field and scored with 28 seconds left in the game, which then prompted Gus to make a comment about how it was now Kyle Orton's turn to make history in his first game for the Denver Broncos. I thought to myself, "Come on Gus, 28 seconds left and 87 yards to go, gimme a break." Then it happened:

He does it again. And this, is once again why you should watch every game that Gus Johnson calls.

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