Thursday, September 3, 2009

SportsJudge Deputy Justice Joe Romano Appears on 105.9FM in Pittsburgh

Earlier this week, the morning show at 105.9FM "The X" in Pittsburgh contacted SportsJudge with the hopes of having a few words with us prior to the the quickly approaching football season. This morning Joe Romano, Chief Operating Office and Editor here at the SportsJudge Blog, chatted with Tim Benz and Bob McLaughlin and answered their questions regarding the service and the upcoming fantasy football season.

Here's a brief excerpt from the interview:

Tim Benz: I described this on the air, and you tell me if I did this accurately or not...I sort of said you are the "People's Court" for fantasy football leagues.

Joe Romano: That's exactly what we are. What you see, is a lot of leagues where teams are putting in entry fees, they're all friends, and something happens during the year and what you have is a lot of long-term relationships affected by this, especially the higher the buy-in goes. What we provide is someone to come in and give you an outside opinion that's not biased and we're trying to do the best thing for the league.

To hear the interview in it's entirety, click on the link below.

"105.9 The X: Joe Romano on why silly fantasy sports arguments should be taken the SportsJudge!"

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