Friday, October 9, 2009

College Fantasy Football Week 6 Preview – Look to the Non-BCS teams For Studs

A couple weeks ago, I spoke all high and mighty about Florida State Football and the ‘brilliance’ they were about to show. I was wrong. Christian Ponder didn’t pan out, and it showed on my total score for weeks 4 and 5. Even though he went 29-for-42 and 341yds against Boston College, he had no TDs. (And don’t even get me started on the USF game). I think he is one of the best QBs FSU has seen in a long time, but the rest of the offense is not giving enough support for him to be a viable fantasy QB. And with all the coaching distractions going on around Tallahassee this week, I doubt it will get much better. So, it’s time for me to take my own advice, and not choose players based on my love for a particular team.

My next move for QB is Aaron Opelt out of Toledo. Other than the Zips’ game against Ohio State, Opelt has thrown for no less than 319 yards, eclipsing the 400 yard mark twice. After rushing for 109yds against Colorado, Opelt also showed he could get the job done on the ground. He seems to be a fantasy machine. Along the same lines, Eric Page (WR – Toledo) seems to be a good candidate as well. I have both won and lost many games based on starting a QB/WR combo, so its risky business, especially in pay-leagues. But, the Opelt-Page combo looks pretty nice this week against a 2-3 Western Michigan.

With big-time-scorers Golden Tate (WR – Notre Dame) and Mardy Gilyard (WR – Cincinnati) both on out a bye-week, you should also take a look at a pair of WRs from upstate New York: Mike Williams from Syracuse (averaging 125yds and a TD per game) or Naaman Roosevelt from Buffalo (nearly 600yds on the season). Page, Roosevelt and Williams are my 3 wideouts this weekend – we’ll see if I have to eat my own words.

My latest pick-up in the backfield is Darius Marshall out of (none other than) Marshall. The Herd travel down to the Big Easy to take on Tulane, who have allowed over 200 yards three times this season. I’m hoping that Marshall can take exploit this weak defense and rack up the points for me. I picked up Marshall instead of Toby Gerhart out of Stanford, only because of the Tulane defense. Gerhart’s 650yds and 8TDs on the season are pretty impressive, but you never know what might go on over there on the West Coast and in the PAC-10. Finally, another viable (yet not-quite-proven) candidate for one of my starting RB positions has been Frank Goodin out of LA-Monroe. Goodin has 8TDs, finding the end-zone three times against both Florida International and Texas Southern. He seems to be somewhat inconsistent (only 62yds and 0TDs against Arizona State in week 3), but hopefully Goodin will be able to capitalize against a 1-3 Arkansas St. this weekend.

Lessons learned since my last appearance 2 weeks ago: I am taking my own advice and staying away from “my” team’s players – they let me down both as a fan and as a fantasy coach; so be careful. Additionally, I am concentrating more on the smaller schools’ studs. They are definitely the ones at the top of the stat-sheets. Play the numbers; they don’t lie.

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