Saturday, October 24, 2009

Defensive Corner: Sleepers, Injury & Impact: Week 7

Indianapolis (v. St. Louis): Let me start this out by apologizing for suggesting the Jaguars last week based purely on the fact that they were playing the Rams… I really messed that one up, however this week’s selection of the Colts is an entirely different scenario. First of all, unlike the mediocre Jaguars, the Colts are undefeated at this point in the season and have been quite solid defensively. Second, although he will not be 100% and has missed many games this and last season, I can’t help but be excited about Bob Sanders’ (a.k.a. Demond Sanders) return. Lastly, if St. Louis wasn’t suffering enough, Donnie Avery is injured so any hope for offensive production will fall onto the shoulders of Steven Jackson who really hasn’t done anything this year. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Indianapolis Colts will trounce the Rams.

Buffalo (v. Carolina): The Bills Defense will benefit from Jake Delhomme’s turnovers and basic inability to complete passes. Last week, Delhomme was limited to 65 yards against Tampa Bay, which , in addition to Carolina, is another JV NFL team this year.


Green Bay Packers (v. Cleveland)
B.J. Raji
(DT) Ankle Probable
Jarius Wynn (DE) Hamstring Questionable, Did not practice

Impact: non-starters, no significant impact

Minnesota Vikings (v. Pittsburgh)
Husain Abdullah (S) Back Questionable, Limited practice
Eric Frampton(S) Ankle Questionable, Limited practice
*Madieu Williams(S)Quadricep Questionable, Limited practice
*Antoine Winfield(CB) Foot Questionable, Did Not Practice

Impact: Just like their opponent, as listed below, I say do not start the Vikings Defense this week. As you can see, every injury listed in this week’s report is to a member of the secondary (2 starters, 2 backups). This situation is less than ideal considering that the Vikings are facing the Steelers this week, who, in contrast to their reputation as run-heavy, have been notably reliant and effective in the air. Heath Miller, rookie Mike Wallace and Super Bowl MVPs Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward could make this a miserable week for fantasy owners of the Minnesota D.

New England Patriots (v. Buccaneers)
Darius Butler
(CB) Ankle Questionable, Did Not Practice
*Jarvis Green (DE) Knee Probable
*Jerod Mayo(LB) Knee Probable
James Sanders(S) Shouler Questionable, Limited practice
*Shawn Springs(CB)Knee Questionable, Limited practice
*Vince Wilfork(DT) Ankle Probable

Impact: The Bucs are so bad that any time spent analyzing these injuries is time wasted. Seriously, not to be overly harsh (which I’m going to be anyway), but the only redeeming quality about the Bucs this season is that they have a Pirate ship in their stadium. They should probably start charging admission to said Pirate ship and let the people waiting in line watch the game for free as bonus “entertainment”. If I were a resident of Tampa I’d be more impressed by level of play in and more excited for the Outback Bowl than any Bucs game this season. Start the Patriots without hesitation.

New York Giants (v. Arizona)
*Michael Boley(LB) Knee Questionable, Did Not Practice
Chris Canty(DT) Calf Questionable, Did Not Practice
*Antonio Pierce(LB)Back Questionable, Limited practice
Aaron Ross(CB) Hamstring Questionable, Did Not Practice

Status: The Giants’ injuries at linebacker isn’t the thing that should be worrying Giants D owners in this matchup. Last week, the Giants D succumbed to the passing attack of the Saints and, while Arizona hasn’t been exactly stellar this season, they do pose the risk of having a very effective pass centered offense when clicking.

New York Jets (v. Oakland)
*Shaun Ellis(DE) Knee Questionable, Limited practice
*David Harris(LB) Wrist Probable
Larry Izzo(LB) Hamstring Full
Marques Murrell(LB)Head Questionable, Limited practice
*Kerry Rhodes(S) Knee Probable
*Lito Sheppard(CB) Quadricep Questionable, Did Not Practice
Donald Strickland(CB)Ankle Questionable, Limited practice
*Bryan Thomas(LB) Wrist Probable

Impact: There are some problems here with the linebacking core and the secondary not being 100%, but they are playing Oakland this week and, despite their win over the Eagles, the most notable player on the Raiders this season has been a pigeon. However, what could really destroy this defense is the play of the offense, which has a serious case of the “turnovers” and other rookie-related conditions.

Philadelphia Eagles
*Victor Abiamiri
(DL),Knee Left during Oakland game
Omar Gaither(LB) Foot Left during Oakland game
Dimitri Patterson(DB), Quad& hand Missed Week 6

Impact: Let’s skip the evaluation and just get to the point, START THE EAGLES. Yes, the Eagles wholly embarrassed themselves against the Raiders last week, but that’s just part of the reason to start them; the Eagles are truly not that bad, so they will be looking to prove that on the field this week. Additionally, if redemption wasn’t enough of a motivation, they are playing intra-conference rival the Washington Redskins, who, along with being just plan terrible, are in the middle of an offensive transition. For those of you who don’t know what’s going on, the Redskins front office has mandated that coach Jim Zorn be stripped of his play-calling authority and have assigned this duty to ex-retiree Sherm Lewis, who has been given about two weeks to learn the Redskins playbook and integrate his style into the Redskins system. This, along with the fact that both starting QB Jason Campbell and his backup Todd Collins have routinely failed to get anything going offensively, does not bode well for the Washington Redskins.

Pittsburgh Steelers (v. Minnesota)
*Travis Kirschke(DE),Not injury related Questionable, Did Not Practice
*Troy Polamalu(S) Knee Questionable, Did Not Practice

Status: Polamalu or not, do not start this defense. Brett Favre is on a roll in Minnesota , the Steelers Defense has been too much of a fourth quarter mystery, and even if the Steelers win this game, its most likely going to be high scoring.

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