Saturday, October 31, 2009

Defensive Corner: Sleepers, Injury & Impact Week 8


Cardinals (v. Panthers):
The Cardinals have scored 10 points or more in each other past three weeks against the Giants, Seahawks and Texans. Surely this improving defense can handle a team only capable of barely beating the abysmal Redskins and Buccaneers.

Chargers (v. Oakland): Oakland is one of those magical teams that makes their opponents automatically a better fantasy pick than the week prior. True, the Raiders limited the Chargers to only 7 fantasy points (ESPN scale) the first week of the season, but since then the Raiders have played well in close games with quality opponents while, with the exception to the Eagles game in which the Eagles just forgot how to rely commands from their brains to their extremities, the Raiders have floundered. Additionally, their star quarterback has just been benched for his awful play.


*Denotes starter

Baltimore Ravens (v. Denver)
*Tavares Gooden(LB) Head Questionable, did not practice
*Jarret Johnson(LB) Shoulder Probable, full practice
*Ed Reed(S) Illness Questionable, did not practice

: A loss of a starting linebacker and starting safety is the last thing this team needed right now. In week 6 against the Vikings, the Ravens got rocked allowing Farve to throw for 278 yards and limiting the defense to -1 fantasy points. This week, the Ravens will face Kyle Orton, who has averaged 267.3 yards in his last three starts against the Cowboys, Patriots and Chargers and only has 1 fumble and 1 interception on the year so far. Unless the Ravens worked out all the kinks in their secondary during the bye week, you might was to consider other defenses to start this week.

Dallas Cowboys (v. Seattle)
Allen Rossum(CB) Hamstring Questionable, did not practice
Gerald Sensabaugh(S) Thumb Probable, full practice
*DeMarcus Ware(LB) Foot Probable, full practice

Status: Really no injuries here. Start against the average Seattle offense.

Green Bay Packers (v. Vikings)
Derrick Martin(S) Hamstring Questionable, did not practice
*Charles Woodson(CB) Hip Questionable, limited practice
Jarius Wynn(DE) Hamstring Questionable, limited practice

Status: One starter, no major impact. This game is going to go one of two ways: 1) Favre will steamroll over his former team and continue to pick away at that giant chip on his shoulder; or 2) it will be a high-scoring close one with the winner (most likely the Vikings) slightly edging it out. Either way, not a great fantasy situation.

Minnesota Vikings (v. Green Bay)
*E.J. Henderson(LB) Knee Questionable, did not practice
Jimmy Kennedy(DT) Not injury related Questionable, did not practice
*Ben Leber(LB) Calf Limited practice. Questionable
*Karl Paymah(CB) Quadriceps Questionable, limited practice
***Antoine Winfield(CB) Foot Questionable, did not practice

Status: The Vikings’ secondary got exposed last week and the Steelers just steamrolled over the Vikings. With the loss of Winfield (who deserve three stars because he’s that important) things just got easier for Aaron Rodgers to prove himself against his former teammate. As I said above, the Vikings most likely will win this one, but it will come as a result of Favre’s ability to score, not the defense’s play.

New York Giants (v. Philadelphia)
Michael Boley(LB) Knee Questionable, did not practice
Chris Canty(DT) Calf Questionable, did not practice
*Antonio Pierce(LB) Hamstring Questionable, did not practice
Aaron Ross(CB) Hamstring Questionable, did not practice

Status: On starter, no major impact. Common sense would tell you that starting the Giants is a no brainer this week, but its just not that simple. The Giant’s have not been living up to their “defensive monsters” reputation the past two weeks in losses to both the Cardinals and Saints. Philly, with their pass focused offense will play them tough, as always, just as natural enemies should. This game could be real close.

New York Jets (v. Miami)
*Shaun Ellis(DE) Knee, ankle Questionable, limited practice
*David Harris(LB) Wrist Probable, full practice
*Bart Scott(LB) Knee Questionable, limited practic
Lito Sheppard(CB) Quadricep Questionable, did not practice

*Donald Strickland(CB) Ankle Probable, full practice
*Bryan Thomas(LB) Wrist Probable, full practice

Status: If I were a Jets fan this list of injuries would make me want to vomit, especially against the legendary Wildcat offense that no one can seem to shut up about. Well I guess there is good reason for that, last time the Jets played Miami (week 5) the Jets score -5 points and were just embarrassed. Make sure you keep that in mind when adjusting your lineup. (Hint Hint: Adjust your lineup)

Philadelphia Eagles (v. New York Giants)
Victor Abiamiri(DE) Knee Out
Darren Howard(DE) Ankle, calf Questionable, did not practice
*Akeem Jordan(LB) Hip Probable, full practice
Dimitri Patterson(CB) Quadricep, hand Questionable, did not practice

Status: See Giants analysis.

Finally, Happy Halloween all, I hope your fantasy scores aren’t too scary!

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