Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweetest Day of Sports

This weekend was "Sweetest Day" in Michigan (and a few other States.) Sweetest Day varies based on who you ask about what the real meaning behind this spin-off of Valentine's Day really is. My husband's perspective is that Sweetest Day is a made-up Hallmark holiday used to make more money by selling more cards and candy. I still think it's nice to do something special for your significant other every so often. And yes, it is always nice when those special somethings are unexpected but it's still nice to be remembered on Sweetest Day. My husband and I are also in the middle of buying our very first house. As many of you know, this can be a very stressful experience. So imagine my surprise and delight when I get a call from my husband as I am driving to our soon-to-be new home for an inspection as he tells me "I have a treat for you for next weekend!!!" I am so excited, my husband never really celebrates Sweetest Day, he thinks it's stupid. But I think "okay he's finally realized how I've put up with his hours and hours of Fantasy Football online and on the phone with his league, and he's going to show me how much he appreciates me by doing something special for me." I thought maybe he got us tickets to a play or something or even a movie that I might like. Or...maybe he bought me something really cool for our one-year anniversary (which is the weekend after next). Unfortunately for me, despite my J.D., I seem to be a very slow learner. He then yells into the phone "we got tickets for the Michigan vs Penn State game next Saturday!!!!!!" My first thought was "you're kidding me..." and my next thought was "it's 40 degrees outside and I am going to freeze my butt off." But my response..."Wonderful! I can't wait!" As I am groaning under my breath. Then I find out that the tickets came courtesy of my Mother-in-Law....Thanks Mom....apparently she doesn't want grandchildren any time soon.

Last week's Fantasy Football drama surrounded the "Revis Effect." My husband wanted to substitute in one of his players for Darrelle Revis and it was prior to the start of Monday night's game. Well apparently there is some rule in his league that you can substitute players before they play on Sunday but not on Monday. Needless to say it caused some heated discussions on the phone and it sounded like it was a ripe issue for But when my husband was trying to explain it to me, I have to confess, I completely tuned him out. I was thinking about so many other things; my cases, our house, REAL LIFE. I could not bring myself to fake interest.

I spent Saturday afternoon watching University of Michigan destroy their opponent, which I have to say was a little embarrassing. I will admit that I do enjoy watching Michigan football and going to the game will probably be a lot of fun next weekend, but not quite the romantic Sweetest Day/Anniversary surprise I was hoping for. Maybe he'll still surprise me, he still has plenty of time to pull off something that restores my faith in his romantic ability. This week my tip is not to have expectations. Use the time during fantasy football season to have "me time" and catch up on things he wouldn't want to do with you anyway. Go to a chick flick with a good friend without him sitting beside you groaning or complaining.

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Anonymous said...

Seems there was a bit more to the story of Michigan versus Delaware State than most were aware of.


Anonymous said...

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