Friday, November 13, 2009

NFL Week 10 Predictions

Another week has passed and we still have two undefeated teams left. Both Indy and New Orleans survived stiff competition to stay perfect. Somewhere a '72 Dolphin is crying. I don't think either team will go undefeated. Both the Colts and Saints games have been becoming closer as teams begin to figure out how to beat them, running the ball. The funny part of this perfect season talk is I don't think either team is even the best in their respective conference. In the AFC I am still giving that crown to the Steelers and in the NFC I am anointing the Vikes as the supreme team. Both look like the most complete teams in each conference. Although, in the "what have you done for me lately" NFL, I will probably have a new best next week. Let's get to my NFL Week 10 Predictions.

Saints at Rams

While I do think the Saints will lose at least once before the year is out, it won't happen this week. There are D3 Football teams that could compete with the Rams. I feel as though NFL fans should send SJax a sympathy card. While Larry Johnson is busy being a baby, SJax just keeps his mouth shut and runs hard. I hope this guy eventually experiences some team success. He's the only player I am starting for the Rams. For the Saints, you all know who to start. However, I do need to stress that the only receiver worthy of starting is Colston. Brees just doesn't have a favorite second target and they are too iffy. Saints come marching in, 38-17.

Buccs at Dolphins

Dear Buccs, welcome to the 2009 season. Only 9 weeks late. I gotta say, I was actually impressed with them last week. They fought back and beat a decent Packers team. There still isn't a lot of fantasy intrigue, but there could be. For now, stick with Winslow Jr. and Bryant, if he plays, as starters. In deep leagues or flex leagues, Caddy should also make for a decent play. For the Phins, its Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and nobody else. While these are both bottom feeders, it should be a good game. Phins win with the homefield advantage, 20-16.

Lions at Vikings

Well if it isn't the best team in the NFC. I really do love what the Vikes bring to the field each Sunday. They can move it on the ground or through the air, and they can defend both equally well. They may be the most complete team in the NFL. I wouldn't expect huge numbers out of Favre or the passing game. I expect the Vikes to get up early and rest the old man's shoulder. Favre, Rice, and Harvin are all decent plays, just don't read as much into the matchup. However, I expect AP to have a huge day. He might drop 200 on them. For the Lions, there really aren't any great plays. Kevin Smith will struggle and Megatron isn't the same Megatron we all know and love. Vikes feast on the Lions 24-10.

Jaguars at Jets

The Jets desperately needed that bye week. After starting strong, they have been crumbling over the last couple of weeks. I think they pick their game up. The defense is playing well, it just isn't as dominant as many hoped. However, I think the Jags play right into the Jets' strengths. MJD is a must start, but he still isn't a great play this week. You also have to start Sims-Walker as at least a third receiver, but the matchup is horrible against Revis. For the Jets, I think Jones has a big day running the ball while Cotchery and Braylon make plays through the air. If you are in a really tight spot, Sanchez isn't a horrible play. I think the Jets win this game pretty easily, 27-13.

Billls at Titans

This one is a pretty brutal matchup. Fans of each team had high hopes this year, but they were mostly delusional. The TO experiment is a complete failure as he looks completely disinterested. Shouldn't he be doing sit-ups in his driveway by now? Does he care that little? At least Chris Johnson owners will have a fun week, he could hit 200 again. I will also say that Vince Young would be usable this week in a tough spot. Yes, I do think the Bills are that bad. If TO doesn't do something this week he never will. Give him one last shot, but he is pretty close to waiver material. Lynch may be a decent play, or just a solid lookalike of the Predator, more likely the latter. Titans win, 20-10, but I don't think anyone cares.

Bengals at Steelers

Finally, a good game. Not just good, great. This is one of two games of the week. Nothing beats a battle for first place in the division, especially when it involves the Steelers, as it seems all other teams hate them. This should be an awesome game, if they aren't showing it in your region, find a sportsbar. For the Steelers, Big Ben, Mendenhall, Hines, Holmes, and Miller are sure starts. If you remember, the Steelers came out blasting in week 3 then got lazy. Tomlin won't let that happen again. For Cinci, Palmer, Ocho and Benson are sure starts. I don't think Benson breaks 100, I mean its the Steelers, but I think he does find the endzone. Steelers get back to where they belong, looking down on Cinci, Cleveland, and Baltimore, 24-20.

Broncos at Redskins

This is exactly what the Broncos needed, the Redskins. The Skins are like Penicillin for an infection of struggling to do anything right on the field. This couldn't have come at a better time for the Broncos. I think Moreno bounces back this week as the Broncos do like him more than Buckhalter. I also think Orton and Marshall make sweet sweet music in the endzone this week. For the Skins, I guess Betts may be playable and Santana Moss might catch a Bronco DB slipping, but I doubt it. Broncos get back on track, 27-13.

Falcons at Panthers

I get that the Panthers have been really disappointing all season, but I actually like them this week. They made it interesting at Atlanta in Week Two, and I think they are playing better now than then. At the very least DeAngelo and Jonathan Stewart certainly are. I would start each of them and Steve Smith. For the Falcons, the normal characters must be started and I think they all produce relatively well. However, the Panthers win this one because they can pound the rock. Williams and Stewart carry the Panthers to victory, 24-17.

Chiefs at Raiders

Nothing to see here folks, move along. I'll at least pick a loser, NFL fans across America. Seriously, Chiefs win, 20-13.

Seahawks at Cardinals

Ok, apparently the Cardinals hate their fans. They don't show up at home but they actually compete and put out an effort on the road. Curious. I hope Boldin decides he feels like doing something this year, worst third round pick ever. They say his ankle is better than its been in weeks, we'll see. Start him along with just about every other player the Cardinals have on offense. They all produce reasonably well and each is valuable in deep and flex leagues. For the Seahawks, I think Houshmanzilly scores again and Burleson puts up respectable numbers, but that's it. I don't trust Hasselback enoug to start him. Cardinals will actually win at home for once, 31-20.

Cowboys at Packers

Don't look now, but the Cowboys are making a case as a top three team in the NFC. There is quite a gap between them and the Saints and Vikes, but the 'Boys are playing well. They have Athletes everywhere and can win any number of ways. The only question is will Wade Phillips get them there or stop them. I would think this is a tough matchup, but the Pack made the Buccaneers look like the 2007 Patriots on Sunday. Go with Williams, Austin, Romo, Witten, and Barber. For the Packers, start the same people you always do. They always produce relatively well. This will be a good one, but I have lost all confidence in the Packers. Cowboys win, 27-24.
Eagles at Chargers

The Eagles are coming off a disappointing loss while the Chargers are flying high after a slow start and some big wins. Both teams are potential playoff teams, but each need to make something happen soon. You gotta like Rivers, Gates, and Jackson for the Chargers, but it looks like LT has become a clear second tier back. He still should be started, but I wouldn't be shy about taking a chance on another back. For the Eagles, McNabb, Jackson, and Celek are sure things. McCoy should start if Westbrook doesn't, but if Westbrook does, only go with Westbrook. Yeah, I'd steer clear of this committee. Both teams have the ability to break this open, so I'll go with the home team, 27-20.

Patriots at Colts

What a day of football, Steelers-Bengals at 1, Eagles-Chargers at 4, and Patriots-Colts at 8:30. Nice. This should be a really enjoyable game with two hall of QBs throwing to excellent receiving corps in a time tested rivalry. For fantasy purposes, start all your usual suspects, that includes Maroney. As for the game, I get the feeling the Colts' injuries on defense will get the better of them. Pats are too good on offense for a team to survive with four starters on defense out. Saints survive as the only undefeated team. Pats win a great one, 31-27.

Ravens at Browns

As great as Sunday was, Monday night's game is fairly miserable. The Ravens should have no problem dominating this one. I expect a huge day from Ray Rice and solid numbers for Flacco, Mason, and Heap. For the Browns, I wouldn't recommend anyone. It is pretty amazing how useless some teams are for fantasy purposes. Anyways, Ravens win easy, 24-6.

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