Thursday, November 19, 2009

NFL Week 11 Predictions

I'd like to congratulate the Bengals on their sweep of the Steelers. I seriously doubted Cinci had what it took, but they proved something on Sunday. I am still not buying them as a Super Bowl contender, but I am close. Anyways, the Bengals are showing us they can play, but I just can't buy it. You don't go from the Bungals to Super Bowl contenders that quick. At least Marvin Lewis saved his job.

***Completely Off-Topic Rant*** I am currently watching Thursday Night Football and I gotta say, the production quality of the telecast is beyond poor. It feels like I am watching a locally televised high school football game. You would think after two or three years of televising games that it wouldn't be nearly as pathetic. I would rather a decade of Dennis Miller on MNF, this is horrible.

Speaking of coaches, I won't say whether Belichick was right or wrong, I just am glad it blew up in his face. A friend of mine pointed out that he made a similar call in Week One, which worked, but that was the Bills and this was the Colts. Whether he made the call out of fear of Manning getting the ball, trusting his defense, or his arrogance, it blew up in his face and I love it. So does 98% of the United States living outside of the Northeast. Enough Patriots hate, let's get to my NFL Week 11 Predictions.

Redskins at Dallas

The Broncos found out the hard way that even though the Skins are next to horrible, you can't over look them. Dallas won't this week. Start all of your normal characters for Dallas, but don't expect amazing numbers. As bad as the Redskins offense is, their defense is almost as good. For the Skins, Betts is startable as well as Moss, they just aren't amazing options. Dallas gets back on track, 20-10.

Browns at Lions

This one isn't quite as bad as last week's Raiders-Chiefs, but it is really close. At least there are two fantasy worthy players who have pretty good matchups. Start Megatron and Kevin Smith. For those of you in deep leagues or with some moxie, Pettigrew may be a good play this week. Sit all Browns, forever. Lions win, 24-13.

49ers at Packers

Coach Singletary and crew lost a tough one last week, and it doesn't get any easier this week. The Packers are the most frustrating team in the NFL. One week they look horrible, the next unstoppable. I am betting they play well at home. Niners have a good D so don't expect amazing numbers, but start the usual suspects for the Pack. For the Niners, VD, Gore, and Crabtree are all good options, but I wouldn't be shocked to see the Pack give them a rough time. Pack win, 23-17.

Steelers at Chiefs

My poor Steelers. It was painful to see them get swept by the Bengals, but Cinci earned it. Big Ben and crew had a rough Week 10, but the Chiefs should help with that. Sometimes offenses have bad weeks, especially when they run into a good team, it happens. Start all your normal Steelers, and bench anyone wearing red. I don't see the Chiefs doing much. Steelers win, 27-9.

Falcons at Giants

This one should be a goody. Both teams really need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The bye week could not have come at a better time for the Giants and it could not have produced better results. I see the Giants coming out strong. Start Manning, Smith, Jacobs and Bradshaw. For the Falcons, the start the normal three, but I'm not starting a Falcons back until I see how they handle the run post-Turner. Giants stay alive, 20-16.

Saints at Buccaneers

The Saints gave 'Nawlins fans a pretty big scare last week, but like all good team, they remained poised in a tough spot and held on. I expect the Buccs to play them hard, but I don't see them having any more success than the Rams. Start all the Saints, including Devery Henderson. he may finally be emerging as a decent option. For the Buccs, I think Caddy and Winslow find some room to operate, but I wouldn't want to have to depend on anyone else. Saints win big, 31-17.

Bills at Jaguars

You have to feel for Bills fans. They have to deal with TO, they have to watch Lynch underachieve, and they soon will have to drive to Toronto to watch them play. To be honest, I think everyone saw this coming. Anyways, I'll still start him this week, but that is about it for the Bills. For the Jags, its Sims-Walker and MJD. That's it. Is it possible for MJD to combine three touchdowns with 200 yards? I guess anything is possible with the Bills, even losing four Super Bowls. Jags ride MJD to victory, 23-13.

Colts at Ravens

Just when I thought the '72 Dolphins were ready to sip some champagne, Bill Belichik happens. Even with the call, Manning and crew still needed to punch it home, and they did. That is what champions do. The Ravens will provide a stiff test for the offense, but I would still start Manning, Wayne, and Addai. For the Ravens, Flacco, Rice, Mason, and Heap are all good options. Colts are soaring right now and Ravens have a short week. I'll go Colts, 27-17.

Seahawks at Vikings

Are you AP owners salivating yet? I know I am. I am officially adopting the Vikings as my NFC team this year. I know, takes a lot of skill to jump on their bandwagon, but I have AP and Favre on multiple, I can't help but love them. I'll start Favre, AP, Harvin, and Sidney Rice. For the Seahawks, I love what Dorsett brings to the table, but not against the Vikes. I am only starting Housh and Burleson this week for Seattle. Minnesota continues to roll. 24-10.

Cardinals at Rams

Rams kept it close last week against the Saints, and I expect them to put up a good fight again this week, it just won't be enough. The Cardinals love playing on the road this year, and with a weak opponent, the Cards should thrive. Start all your normal guys for the Cards, even Hightower. It looks like Wells has won the main gig, but Hightower should still be useful. For the Rams, go with SJax and Donnie Avery. Apparently, there are two Rams worth owning. Cards roll, 30-17.

Jets at Patriots

I was more than happy to predict the Jets win earlier this year against the Pats, but it won't happen again. The Jets are struggling, Sanchez looks like a rookie, and their defense has suffered some key injuries. The Pats should have no trouble scoring, I'll start the big three, but leave the running backs on the bench. For the Jets, I think Jones should find some room, and Braylon and Cotchery will be useful playing from behind. Pats get their revenge, 27-16.

Bengals at Raiders

The Bengals are rolling and the Raiders have no chance. There isn't much to think about here. Start your Bengals, bench your Raiders. Bengals win easy, 24-6.

Chargers at Broncos

This is a huge game, but I don't think it will be close. The Broncos are really struggling and are starting a backup QB. Sure, Moreno looks good but that is it. Start Marshall and Moreno, but everyone else sits. For the Bolts, it will be tough sledding this week, but I would still roll with the big four on offense. I don't see Vincent Jackson struggling two weeks in a row, despite a tough matchup. Chargers take over first place, 30-20.

**Nice run by Ricky Williams, quite impressive. Good for him.**

Eagles at Bears

This is another battle of teams who desperately need a win to keep in the playoff hunt. I just don't see it in the Bears. The offense just isn't there and the defense can't carry them anymore. I'll still start Cutler, Olson, and Forte, but the rest is just a guessing game. For the Eagles, McNabb, McCoy, Jackson, and Celek are pretty sure bets to have solid games. Celek is making a play for fantasy MVP consideration. He is a top TE and was mostly undrafted. It is that type of production that wins leagues. He'll help the Eagles stay alive this week, 24-17.

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