Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Roy Halladay Trade Watch

The Toronto Blue Jays would like to trade Roy Halladay and receive a haul of quality prospects in return.  The likelihood of that happening decreased early this week as Halladay suggested that he would not waive his no-trade clause after he reports to Spring Training in February. The Jays now face a tough decision: trade Halladay now for a less than desirable group of prospects or wait until next off-season when he becomes a free agent and let him walk, taking two draft picks from the team that signs him. 

I think Toronto would be better off trading Halladay this off-season rather than waiting until next year.  Draft picks, while a nice incentive to hold on to Halladay, are never a sure thing.  Taking established prospects or young MLB-ready players would give the Blue Jays more of a sure thing.  It's always easier to look back in hindsight, but what the Blue Jays should have done is trade Halladay back in July when his value was highest and the team that would receive him would have him for two pennant races before even thinking about his impending free agency.  Since they haven't done that, they should take what they can get for him now. 

As for possible destinations for Halladay, the Red Sox, Yankees, and Angels are all said to be interested in acquiring the perennial Cy Young candidate. 

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Thecancer said...

Roy Halladay is a consistent cy young threat every season. If he were playing in a larger market he would be revered as the best pitcher in baseball - if he isn't already.