Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: College Football Version

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all over the Net,
bloggers typing about football, and who is the best.
Teams received Bowl bids the committee had chosen with care,
Horns and Tide both hope they’ll win it this year.

In St. Pete, Rutgers beat up the Golden Knights,
But Wyoming took Fresno to 2 over-times.
The Mr. Clean Toilet Bowl wasn’t much fun,
But in the next couple weeks, you’ll realize it hasn’t even begun.

SMU plays Nevada, after a quarter-century drought,
Before the Canes and Badgers battle it out.
This year Pete Carrol got a large lump of coal,
Being picked for his first non-BCS bowl.

While Joe-Pa’s in Orlando, with his Nittany Lions,
LSU will be meeting him, and so will Les Miles.
West Virginia travels south, to take on Florida State,
Only one more chance left to watch Bobby, a coach who’s truly great.

Air Force fights Houston, and Navy – Mizzou,
But Arizona will have to face Ndamukong Suh.
With Toby running the ball vs. the Oklahoma Sooners,
Listen carefully or you’ll miss the “WHOOP!” coming from Boomer.

The Rose Bowl kicks-off the BCS games,
Against the Buckeyes, the Ducks hope they are not lame.
In N.O. the Gators will play coach-less Bearcats,
And Tim Tebow hopes his tears can get him past that.

Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso will lead us through,
Watching Boise take on another mid-major; TCU.
ESPN thought the Gators would be in “the Big Game,”
But Mark Ingram thought differently, and now has Heisman-fame.

Now Mark! Now Shipley! Now McElroy and Colt!
Toward the endzone and history, they all will bolt.
They’ll get in formation and pray for the ball,
Then go down the field, down the field, down the field, haul!

Who’ll win the game? Only time can tell,
But it’ll be a good one, that’s sure as hell.
Once that trophy’s been raised, and the confetti all gone,
In Texas or Bama, the Moet will flow all night long.

Come January eighth, in the year 2010,
The season will be over til next year…see ya then!

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