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Fantasy Baseball Dispute No. 8168-T: Court Approves 8-Player Blockbuster Featuring Miguel Cabrera



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Index No. 8168-T

Date: July 31, 2010

League Type: Rotisserie, 5x5


Judge: Stacey Evans




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The Commissioner of the EP Rules Fantasy Baseball League brings this claim in the Court of Fantasy Baseball Disputes to determine the status of a fantasy baseball dispute involving the proposed trade of Ace & Gary players Miguel Cabrera (1B, Detroit Tigers), Torii Hunter (OF, Los Angeles Angels), Ricky Romero (P, Toronto Blue Jays), and J.J. Putz (P, Chicago White Sox) to the HappyScrappy HeroPup for Ryan Zimmerman (3B, Washington Nationals), Ichiro Suzuki (OF, Seattle Mariners), Jered Weaver (P, Los Angeles Angels) and Roy Oswalt (P, Philadelphia Phillies).

The Court of Fantasy Baseball Disputes accepts the proposed trade.

The Law on Upholding a Trade

In this court, it is the general rule that any fantasy baseball trade shall be upheld as long as the trade adequately benefits both teams. (See Public Opinion No. 101, Big Red Rockers v. Big City Bombers). A trade reasonably benefits both teams if it allows both teams a reasonable chance of moving up in the standings. (See Unpublished Opinion No. 468-T, Commissioner Gary B. v. Ever-Lastings and 2 Legit 2 Quit). However, where a league constitution provides alternative criteria for reviewing a trade, the alternative criteria may supersede the general rule. (See Public Opinion No. 409-T, Commissioner P.K. v. Cartman). As the League Constitution at issue has no restrictions on trade reviews, the holding of Big Red Rockers will be used and this trade will be accepted if it adequately benefits both teams.

If the league is a keeper league, as is the case here, this Court will also consider a team’s likely performance in future years, especially with respect to the team currently ranked lower in the standings (See Unpublished Opinion No. 3704-T, Commissioner Paul Schultz v. Snakes & Blutos). This Court recognizes that team owners may have different strategies in terms of short-term and long-term goals; and that while one team may try to maximize its chances of winning prize money this year, another team may play for the future (See Unpublished Opinion No. 3731-T, Commissioner v. Muleskinners & Southsiders).

The Proposed Trade

The proposed trade is a 4-for-4 trade:

Ace & Gary proposes to send to HappyScrappy HeroPup (2010 statistics in parentheses):

· Miguel Cabrera (.350 Avg., 72 Runs, 25 Home Runs, 89 RBI, 2 SB)

· Torii Hunter (.286 Avg., 56 Runs, 16 Home Runs, 64 RBI, 8 SB)

· Ricky Romero (8 Wins, 3.46 ERA, 124 K’s, 1.31 WHIP, 0 Saves)

· J.J. Putz (5 Wins, 1.42 ERA, 43 K’s, 0.76 WHIP, 2 Saves)

HappyScrappy HeroPup proposes to send to Ace & Gary:

· Ryan Zimmerman (.295 Avg., 56 Runs, 17 Home Runs, 53 RBI, 2 SB)

· Ichiro Suzuki (.308 Avg., 39 Runs, 3 Home Runs, 27 RBI, 23 SB)

· Jered Weaver (9 Wins, 3.19 ERA, 155 K’s, 1.09 WHIP, 0 Saves)

· Roy Oswalt (6 Wins, 3.42 ERA, 120 K’s, 1.11 WHIP, 0 Saves)

The Analysis

In short, this trade helps both teams. The trade moves one of baseball’s best keepers (Miguel Cabrera) from a team in prize money contention to a team outside of contention. It also moves substantial 2010 talent to the team in prize money contention.

Beginning with the deal’s primary pitchers, there is no question that Jered Weaver is a better pitcher than Ricky Romero. Currently, Jered Weaver ranks 1st in the AL in Strikeouts, 4th in the AL in WHIP and 11th in the AL in ERA. By comparison, Ricky Romero is tied for 8th in the AL in Strikeouts, 31st in the AL in WHIP, and 18th in the AL in ERA. Jered Weaver’s statistics makes him a potential “third keeper” for some EP Rules clubs, but not a dominant keeper. By contrast, Ricky Romero, while solid, is certainly not keeper caliber.

Moving to the trade’s secondary pitchers, Roy Oswalt ranks 13th in the NL in Strikeouts, 8th in the NL in WHIP, and 24th in the NL in ERA. In other words, he is solid but not spectacular. Meanwhile, J.J. Putz puts up the stats of one of baseball’s better middle relievers and an asset in the E.R.A. and WHIP categories. However, as a middle reliever, Putz only contributes to two categories, while Oswalt is an asset in four. Neither player is a likely keeper for 2011.

Shifting now to the offensive side of the trade, Miguel Cabrera is the deal’s shining gem. Cabrera currently in contention for the American League Triple Crown, and will likely be a major contributor in four offensive categories for years to come. Not only is he an almost certain keeper, but he is one of the EP Rules league’s top keepers. By signing Cabrera, HappyScrappy Hero Pup gets a superstar to build around for many years to follow.

By contrast, Torii Hunter, Ichiro, and Ryan Zimmerman are also very solid hitters, however, none are premier keeper options. While Zimmerman may have some keeper value due to his position (third base) and young age, his statistics still do not place him in the same category as Cabrera.


Based on the foregoing, this court accepts the proposed trade from Ace & Gary of players Miguel Cabrera (1B, Detroit Tigers), Torii Hunter (OF, Los Angeles Angels), Ricky Romero (P, Toronto Blue Jays), and J.J. Putz (P, Chicago White Sox) to the HappyScrappy HeroPup for players Ryan Zimmerman (3B, Washington Nationals), Ichiro Suzuki (OF, Seattle Mariners), Jered Weaver (P, Los Angeles Angels) and Roy Oswalt (P, Philadelphia Phillies)

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