Monday, August 9, 2010

New York is the Capitol of Fantasy Sports Dispute Resolution

Since the American Bar Association published its article last month on fantasy sports dispute resolution, I have received a number of press inquiries asking where customers live.

Here are some answers, based on our past 500 web hits. From these results, it seems New York, NY is the nation's capitol of fantasy sports dispute resolution.

Top 10 Most Popular States for Fantasy Sports Dispute Resolution

1. New York (13.8 %)
2. California (9.4%)
3. Florida (6.8%)
4. Pennsylvania (6.4%)
5. Illinois (5.8%)
6. Massachusetts (4.8%)
7. New Jersey (4.4%)
8. Minnesota (3.8%)
9. Texas (3.4%)
10. Connecticut (2.8%)

Top 10 Most Popular Cities for Fantasy Sports Dispute Resolution

1. New York, NY (9.2%)
2. Chicago, IL (3.6%)
3. Houston, TX (2.8%)
4. West Palm Beach, FL (2.8%)
5. Southfield, MI (1.8%)
6. Richmond, VA (1.8%)
7. Minneapolis, MN (1.8%)
8. Washington, DC (1.6%)
9. Philadelphia, PA (1.6%)
10. Brooklyn, NY (1.6%)

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Kirat said...

New York is the nation's capitol of fantasy sports dispute resolution.
What does it meant to sports enthusiasts ? Does it make sense?
It tells me that New York is the capitol of Fantasy sports. Isn't it ?

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