Monday, October 29, 2007

O'Malley's Tallies: Week 8 -- Live or Let Addai

Week 8 in the National Football League was definitely a historic one as the league showcased their talent overseas for the first time during a regular season game. As the Giants and Dolphins went to battle in Wembley Stadium in London, the NFL took the first real step in helping to make our great sport of American Football a worldwide phenomenon. As England continues to embrace our sport going forward, I bring you the Week 8 Edition of “O’Malley’s Tallies”…..


  1. Joseph Addai – Despite being in a definite trap game on the road in Carolina on Sunday (home vs. the Patriots next week), the Colts shook off a rusty beginning to the first quarter and eventually dominated the Panthers. This 31-7 beatdown was due in large part to Joseph Addai, who on the day gained 100 yards on 23 carries, caught 2 balls for 8 yards, and totaled 3 touchdowns. Despite rumblings mid week that he would be splitting carries going forward with Kenton Keith, Addai may have silenced some of that talk with such a dominant performance.

  1. San Diego Defense/Special Teams – After such a horrible week in San Diego with the massive destruction caused by the wildfires, those living in the area that lost their homes hoped they could lean on the Chargers to bring the area something to feel good about it during this tough time. After jumping out to early lead due to the offense, it was both the defense and special teams that began to rally and absolutely HAMMER the Texans all day long. Whether it was recovering a botched punt for a touchdown or returning an interception for 70 yards, this defense truly gave the city of San Diego and fantasy owners alike something to be proud of.

  1. Lee Evans – Prior to Sunday, a strong argument could have made that Lee Evans was easily the biggest disappointment in Fantasy Football this entire year. After a breakout season last year of near 1300 yards receiving, his slow start this year has been crippling those who took Evans very early in their drafts. However, as the expression goes, “Patience is a virtue.” On Sunday vs. the Jets, Evans finally had that breakout performance, catching 5 balls for 138 yards a touchdown. Included in those 5 catches was the game winning, 85 yard reception that he wrestled out of a defender’s hands and took it to the house to seal the victory for the Bills.

  1. Tom Brady – See last week’s column, and the week before that, and most likely every week going forward. Absolutely unreal.

  1. Drew Brees – It may have taken a little while, but the Saints of last year are definitely back. After starting the season 0-4, the team has now rallied to win three straight, largely in part due to the improved play of their quarterback Drew Brees. On the road Sunday vs. the 49ers, Brees had a quarterback rating of 136.8 by completing nearly 80% of his passes and throwing 4 touchdowns on 336 yards in a 31-10 win. With continued performances like this, the high powered New Orleans offense is going to tough to stop going forward.


  1. Plaxico Burress – Going into their matchup Sunday across the pond vs. the Miami Dolphins, Plaxico Burress had to be licking his chops with the prospect of going against a Miami Secondary without their two starting safeties and undersized corners. Projected as the #1 receiver by many experts going into week 8, Burress definitely didn’t come through as expected for fantasy owners. While the Giants still may have gotten the 13-10 victory, it was Burress’ 2 catch, 14 yard performance that leaves many owners scratching their heads.

  1. Matt Schaub – What do you get when you add together an extremely talented defense and a hostile, emotional crowd? The answer is a NIGHTMARE for Matt Schaub. Before getting yanked in favor of Sage Rosenfels, Schaub completed 11 of 18 passes for only 77 yards and two interceptions. While the Texans may have been one of the feel good stories during the early portion of this season, things seem to be slowly but surely slipping away a little bit down in H-Town.

  1. Brian Griese – I believe one major NFL analyst put it best on Sunday when he said, “If you lose to the Detroit Lions twice in one season, you don’t deserve to make the playoffs anyway.” That statement definitely was directed towards the Chicago Bears, who looked awful Sunday at home vs. those aforementioned Lions. While the blame can be spread in many different directions, the bulk of it must fall of the shoulders of quarterback Brian Griese. Going against a sub par Lions secondary, Griese went 22-40 for 208 yards, 1 touchdown, and 4 interceptions. Unless a major winning streak begins after the bye week for the Bears, it may finally be time to say goodbye to the playoffs for the defending NFC Champions.

  1. Vince Young – In what was easily one of Sunday’s most dreadful games of the day, the Tennesee Titans beat the Oakland Raiders 13-9 in Nashville. While those who believe in Young will overlook his stats for his winning record, I on the other hand believe the former Longhorn is extremely overrated. On the day, V.Y.’s completion percentage of 42.9 was higher than the amount of yards he threw for (42)!!!! Although the Titans may be 5-2 in the win/loss column, any of those who really believe they can compete with the Colts and Patriots in the AFC come playoff time is out of their mind.

See you all next week after the amazing matchup between the undefeated Colts and Patriots! Thanks for reading!!

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Dcoz said...

Antonio Gates definitely deserved to be a stud this week, 3 catches for 92 yards and 2 touch downs out of you're tight end! In a week where Phillip Rivers was 7-11 for 130 yards that is especially significant. He is absolutely dynamic as a fantasy player and a NFL tight end and this is an absolutely phenomenal week for him.

Anonymous said...

I think LT deserves to be on the Dud list this week. under 100 yards and 0 TD's from everyone's pre-season number 1 just doesn't cut it.

John O'Malley said...


I completely agree with you that Gates is definitely a dynamic fantasy player and had a great week. However, with that being said, I believe the reason Rivers only had to throw 11 times is due to how DOMINANT that defense was! The rout was on early and all the Bolts had to do from then on was run, run, run...