Friday, November 2, 2007

Matt's Stats: Week 9 NFL Preview

It's that time again, Matt's Stats is here to give you all the players and picks you need for Week 9 of the National Football League.

"Sleep"ing on the Job:

Easy pick for this week and that is Ryan Grant (RB, Green Bay Packers). Grant had a great preseason with the Giants (he was traded at the end of the preseason for a 6th round pick) and now is getting his turn to start for the Packers. Grant took over after Wynn's injury on MNF and rushed 22 times for 104 yards. If you are lucky enough to be in a league where he is still available, pick him up as soon as possible.

"Play" or "Stay Away"

QB - Play Sage Rosenfels (QB, Houston Texans). Rosenfels has excelled in limited action this year, passing for 548 Yards, with 6 TD and 5 INT. These were all with an injured WR corps. Rosenfels is a great bye-week replacement and you can expect 250 Yards Passing and 2 TD this week against the Raiders.

Stay away from Brett Favre (QB, Green Bay Packers). Favre is against the Kansas City Chiefs this week, the only team that Favre has never beaten before (lifetime 0-3 with 5 TD and 5 INT). The Chiefs defense (Ranked 11th overall in the NFL) is much better then the defenses Favre has seen in those previous games against KC. Stay away from Favre if you have another QB to start this week.

RB - Play Marshawn Lynch (RB, Buffalo Bills). Lynch will look to add onto to his already impressive rookie season (537 Rushing Yards, 4 TD) by going against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 9. The Bengals seem to have turned back into the Bungles this year and rank 31st in Defense for the year. Expect 125-150 Yards and 1-2 TDs as Lynch has one of the best games of his career and the Bills keep on rolling to a .500 record.

Stay away from Thomas Jones (RB, New York Jets). Jones goes against the Washington Redskins this week, who are 9th in the NFL against the Run and will be looking to rebound from the embarassing loss to the New England Patriots last week. Don't expect much from Jones this week, 50 yards and 0 TDs should be expected this week for Jones.

WR - Play Santana Moss (WR, Washington Redskins). Moss has only 248 Yards and 0 TD in what is one of the worst seasons of his career. You may be asking yourself now, why start him? But he is too good to be this bad all year, he is going against his old team, a team that appears to have given up on the season and a team that is currently ranked 29th in Defense. You probably drafted Moss pretty early in your league, this week is the time to give him one last chance to help your team.

Stay away from Vincent Jackson (WR, San Diego Chargers). Victor, Vincent, no matter what name you call him, Jackson has been a bust this year. Now with Chris Chambers on the team, things will only get worse. Hold off on playing Jackson again until you see how much the Chargers will use him now with Chambers as a teammate.

Survival of the Fittest:

I'm up to 7-1 on the season and the pick this week is the Washington Redskins. The Redskins will look to rebound from their embarrassment against New England by beating the "Mangenious" and the 1-7 Jets. The Redskins defense will be too much for Kellen Clemens in his first career start and it'll be an easy win for Washington.

I have never picked a second game before but since it is the "Game of the Century", I feel I must. Everyone is picking the Patriots, of course how could you not? They clearly are one of the best teams to every play the game. Well I am going with the Indianapolis Colts to win. The Colts, not the Patriots, are defending Champions, and it is the Colts who have won 12 overall and 3 in a row against New England. It is going to be a great game, and probably be down to the the pick is for the Colts to win on an Adam Vinatieri FG in the closing seconds.

Have a Great Week 9!!

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mangan said...

love the victor vincent anecdote, matt. i agree with you on jackson, i dropped him after his 0 completion week as i've given up on the pre-season potential break-out player. with chambers on the squad, vincent jackson is garbage.

Marc Edelman said...

It is interesting to see how things have turned south for Mr. Jackson ever since the early-seaon naming debacle.

As far as "survivor," this was the first week that nothing jumped out at me. One of my cardinal rules in picking is to never take a club on the road. That left me with the Steelers this week. But I don't feel fully comfortable with that pick either.