Monday, November 26, 2007

O'Malley's Tallies: Week 12 -- 85 Comes Alive

With the holiday weekend upon us, Week 12 in the NFL this year was a time in which we as Americans were to give thanks for everything that we sometimes tend to take for granted. It was a time meant to be enjoyed with our closest friends and family, yet also to remember those all over the world fighting to protect our freedom on a daily basis. With stand up individuals like LaDananian Tomlinson taking time out of his life to donate thousands of turkeys to family's in the San Diego wildfire area, it is a refreshing reminder of how NFL superstars are humans too and understand the importance of the Thanksgiving tradition. Without further ado, here is the top and bottom of Week 12 in this edition of "O.T's"....


  1. Chad Johnson – After not reaching the endzone for a number of weeks heading into Sunday’s game vs. Tennesee, Ocho Cinco finally had that coming out party that he was so desperately looking to show the country. In a season full of disappointment for the underachieving Bengals, Sunday marked a major bright spot as Chad hauled in 12 balls for 103 yards and 3 touchdowns to help lead the bengals to a 35-6 stomping of the Titans.

  1. Kolby Smith – First it was Larry Johnson broking a bone in his foot. Then it was Priest Holmes severely reinjuring his neck and having to retire. These were the events it took to help turn rookie running back Kolby Smith from a zero to a hero instantly! Going against a Raiders run defense with more holes than a piece of swiss cheese, Smith carved up Oakland (no cheesy Thanksgiving turkey pun intended I swear…) for a whopping 150 yards and two scores in the team’s 20-17 loss vs. the Men in Black. With continued performances like this heading down the stretch, more and more people around the country will surely begin to take note of this impressive University of Louisville product.

  1. Minnesota Defense – What do you get when you mix an early Giants deficit and an erratic Eli Manning?? The answer is a MONSTER day for the Purple People Eater defense in the swamps of the Meadowlands on Sunday. On the day, Eli threw for 4 touchdowns, yet only 1 of them went to one of his guys wearing the blue uniforms. The rest of those TD passes went to Darren Sharper, Dwight Smith, and Chad Greenway in the Vikings 41-17 laugher of a victory. With fantasy playoffs just around the corner, those of you who started Minnesota Defense must be grinning ear to ear this morning..

  1. Wes Welker – ATTENTION! This is not a mistake! Wes Welker did indeed take Randy Moss’ spot on the stud list this week! In a game in which Lito Sheppard did an outstanding job shutting down Mr. Moss, Wes Welker went out and made a killing for those in PPR leagues with a whopping 13 catches for 149 yards. While he may not have reached the endzone vs. the Eagles, Welker was definitely Mr. Clutch for Tom Brady and the Patriots during their nailbiter of a win late Sunday night.

  1. Larry Fitzgerald – Besides the afformentioned Randy Moss, if there is a more consistent wide receiver in all of football besides Larry Fitzgerald I haven’t seen him yet. Each and every week, this former Pitt Panther just goes out and does what he is supposed to do. Mr. Fitzgerald definitely went above and beyond on Sunday, catching 9 balls for 156 yards and two touchdowns (including a 48 yard Hail Mary reception at the end of the first half!) in the Cardinals heartbreaking defeat to the dreadful San Francisco 49ers.


  1. Eli Manning – Just when you think it is safe to say the Giants will put their late season disappointments behind them, Eli Manning and a horrendous game occurs! Eli was downright dreadful on Sunday with his 4 interceptions and a 33.8 quarterback rating. It will NOT get any easier as the G-Men head to Soldier Field to face a fired up Devon Hester and the Chicago Bears..

  1. Todd Sauerbrun – As Dan Dierdorf kept saying during yesterday’s telecast, “YOU CAN’T KICK IT TO DEVON HESTER!” While punters typically don’t make a major impact in a game, Sauerbrun’s questionable punting repertoire yesterday afternoon had a lot to do with the Broncos blowing a 4th quarter 14 point lead. After a game like this, there is no doubt Mr. Sauerbrun will be sure to kick that ball is far out of bounds as possible next time he faces #23 on the Bears.

  1. David Carr – 10-22, 95 yards, and two interceptions. Awful, Awful, Awful. You can guarantee the Carolina Panthers will be monitoring the likes of Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm come April’s NFL draft after a performance like this out of the former #1 overall pick and Jake Delhomme coming off surgery.

  1. Herman Edwards – First it was a punter, now it is a coach on the Dud list! With the Chiefs down 20-17 late in the 4th quarter vs. Oakland, the team faced a 4th and 1 near the Raiders 20 yard line and elected to go for it instead of kicking the field goal. While we all know that Herman “PLAYS..TO WIN..THE GAME”, the old adage is that you try to win it on the road, and go for the tie at home. Without much surprise, the Chiefs did not convert on 4th down and ended up losing to the Raiders at home.


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