Friday, December 21, 2007

Matt's Stats: Week 16 NFL Preview

Congratulations to all of you out there who are lucky enough to be playing in the Championship game this week. My apologies to any of you who were counting on Willie Parker to score any points last night. Here we are with the final picks and players for the 2007 NFL Season:

"Play" or "Stay Away":

QB - Play Derek Anderson (QB, Cleveland Browns). Anderson didn't do much for you in the semifinals if you started him, but that was because of the blizzard. This week he goes against a Bengals team that is 25th in the NFL against the pass and is the team that he broke out against in Week 2 (328 Passing Yards, 5 TD and 1 INT). Anderson makes a great start this week for your Championship game.

Stay away from Jon Kitna (QB, Detroit Lions). Kitna is going against the Chiefs, who have been horrible as of late, making this a tempting start. Don't be fooled though, the Lions are in a tailspin and the Chiefs still rank 5th in the NFL against the Pass. Look elsewhere this week at QB.

RB - Play Kolby Smith (RB, Kansas City Chiefs). Outside of one bad game two weeks ago, Smith has been very good since taking over for Priest and LJ. Johnson recently had a set back so it appears that he won't be playing again this week. This adds up to an excellent start for Smith against a bad Lions rush defense, currently ranked 21st in the NFL.

Stay away from Clinton Portis (RB, Washington Redskins). Portis has had a much better season that I ever expected, but stay away from him here. The Vikings are the top team in the league, by a good margin, against the run. The Redskins will come into the game looking to pass, and could even use Ladell Betts more. Stay away from Portis this week.

WR - Play Santana Moss (WR, Washington Redskins). This is because of the same reason why you should stay away from Portis this week. The Vikings secondary gets a lot of turnovers but they still give up the most receiving yards of any team in the NFL. The Redskins have been on fire as of late, and will have to hope for the Santana Moss of old in trying to win the big Sunday Night Game. If you have held onto Moss for this long, he makes a good start for Week 16.

Stay away from Patrick Crayton (WR, Dallas Cowboys). Crayton has had an excellent season while Glenn has been out totalling 41 Catches for 624 Yards and 7 TDs. Crayton will be on the road in Carolina for the Saturday Night game, which as Seattle found out last week, is not as easy a team to beat as you would think. Carolina gives up the 12th least Receiving yards in the NFL, and when you add in the fact that Romo's finger is injured, you get a very risky start in Week 16. Stay away from Crayton this week if you have other options.

Survivor of the Fittest:

The Seahawks not only fell into a tie with the Bucs in the Playoffs, something that definitely makes me nervous as a Giants fan, but their 13-10 loss to the Panthers also put my record down to 12-4 for the Season. To close out the season the pick here is the Jacksonville Jaguars winning at home over the Oakland Raiders. The Jaguars are really getting on a role as of late on their way to the postseason for the first time since 2005, and I don't see any way that the Raiders can stop them this week. Once again, the pick this week is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading Matt's Stats throughout the 2007 Season. I hope everyone has a great Holiday season and you can all look for my return shortly after the new year, as I turn my sights to the upcoming baseball season.

Have a Great Week 16 and enjoy the rest of the Season!!!


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