Friday, February 20, 2009

First to Third: Griffey Goes Home

While I don't particularly like the Mariners' signing of Ken Griffey, Jr. from a baseball perspective, I like it in a sentimental one.

Let's face it, Griffey is washed up and should be limited to DH duty, especially after Seattle's acquisition of Franklin Gutierrez in the off-season. The Mariners, on the other hand, likely won't compete this year (although mark my words in the next seven years they will play for a World Series), so the Griffey signing should net them some fans at the gate. Seattle should only count on about .250/16/60 from Junior, but did the right thing by bringing back to help put fans in the seats. The Griffey/Seattle divorce the first time around wasn't pretty, as the Reds robbed him from the Mariners in a not-so-friendly farewell...but you can always go home again.

Taking advice from Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, Griffey went home to retire as a Mariner, to wear the familiar #24 jersey, so he can wear the Seattle hat on his plaque in Cooperstown. By signing with the Mariners, Griffey will lose the "journeyman" status he would have gained by signing with the Braves (his would-be third team in two years) and will likely have some sort of front-office role when he retires.

...At least one former Mariner does the right thing this week.

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