Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First to Third: Almost as Cool as Undefeated

Break up the Nationals.

After the first seven games of the young 2009 season, the ex-expos are 0-7 with no end in sight as the Nats continue to play host to the champs tonight at Nationals Park. I think the first problem with Washington is that no one outside of the District can name a Nationals starting pitcher. I only know the closer, Joel Hanrahan, because he pitched for team USA in the World Baseball Classic. I can tell you that Adam Dunn plays for the Nats... hmm, who else... oh and Nick Johnson, the former Yankee farmhand splits time between Washington and the DL. Other than that, I can't really think of any Nationals right now.

Things can't get much work in D.C., so the only place to go is up. Remember this name, Washington fans: Stephen Strasberg. The San Diego State phenom has been hailed as the best pitching prospect in decades and will likely go #1 in the draft later this year. Strasberg is so good that he could skip the entire minors in general (providing Washington plays nice with Strasberg's agent, Scott Boras) and pitch in the big leagues this year. It looks like there are some benefits to futility.

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