Friday, April 17, 2009

First to Third: Maybe this Won't be so Bad

Ok, Yankee fans. Raise your hand if you didn't want your beloved team to sign A.J. Burnett. The same guy who has pitched 200+ innings only three times in his big league career. The guy that pitched in the same 2003 Marlin rotation as Carl Pavano. The same guy that is "injury-prone." The same guy that would solidify Brian Cashman's reputation as having a bad eye for pitchers.

My hand is up. So should everyone elses. Few Yankee fans wanted Burnett and his injury history. Ultimately, fans don't make decisions and A.J. signed with the Yanks this off-season for five years and $80 million guaranteed. I was not happy.

So I read about Burnett during spring training, how he was a real team player, a benefit in the clubhouse. Ok, I thought. I still don't want him. Then he pitched well and gave the Yanks their first 2009 win. Then he almost threw a no-hitter (well, 6 innings) on Tuesday night on the night the Rays were given their 2008 AL Champions rings. He's actually pitched very well through his two starts and been the stopper the Yanks have needed after two terrible outings from Chien-Ming Wang. I've even opened my eyes and, although I'm still worried about his health, I've started to like having the guy on the Yanks. Who's with me?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't understand the point of this article.

Also, I assume you're using the term "pitched in the same 2003 Marlin rotation as Carl Pavano" loosely...because it's like saying Nick Swisher "pitched in the same bullpen" as Mariano Rivera.

Brian Doyle said...

As a Red Sox fan, and someone who has an affinity for Tampa Bay in a sort of little brother kind of way, I'm with you. It's only a matter of time before his arm detaches from his body mid-pitch and we see Phil Hughes back in there.

Speaking of Carl Pavano: