Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Mulligan: Quail Hollow Championship

This week, the Tour heads to Charlotte for the Quail Hollow Championship. Measuring 7442 yards, Quail Hollow is a longer course so the heavy hitters should play well this week. So, as you can imagine I am going to put some guys who hit the long ball in my fantasy golf picks list this week.

Tiger is back in the field this week, and he is a previous winner of this tournament. I am not saying anything surprising or original when I say that Tiger Woods is the best player in golf. He has won here before, but he has won everywhere else too. The question is whether to start Tiger this week or save him for a later tournament. There is really no good way of determining this, except that I recommend starting him in as many majors as possible since he tends to play his best golf under pressure. If you feel good about starting Tiger this week, I say go for it. If not, there will be plenty more opportunities down the road. Of course, if you play in a league that does not limit how many times you can start a particular player, Tiger should be in your lineup.

Phil Mickelson has finished in the top 10 in three of five starts at Quail Hollow. After an inconsistent start to the season, I am sold that Phil is worthy of a start in most tournaments from here on out. The most convincing evidence of this came on the front nine of Augusta where he tied Johnny Miller's front nine record of 30. I think Phil is a great play this week, and he will be in my starting lineup.

Brian Gay is a good momentum play this week coming off his 10 shot slaughtering of the rest of the field. While a repeat of his performance two weeks ago is unlikely, a good showing wont surprise anyone. Consider him the new Rory McIlroy and hop on his bandwagon before the wheels fall off.

Ian Poulter is my final pick this week. His putter is on fire (averaging approximately 28 putts per round) and he has played well this year as a result. Although his showing at Quail Hollow has been lackluster in the past (2 missed cuts and 25th), he did finish in the top 25 here last year. I think this is the perfect time to start him.

Good luck this week and lets keep moving to the top of the fantasy golf rankings!

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Chris Stanley said...

UPDATE: Brian Gay apparantly didn't feel as good about his game this week as I thought he should. For undisclosed reasons, Gay withdrew late (after the deadline) and is not in the field this week. If you want to replace him in your lineup, look at Nick Watney.

Mike Colligan said...

I guess that's what happens when you test your luck with him again. Win by 10 one week...withdraw another, ha.

nflnhledge said...

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