Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fantasy NASCAR: Autism Speaks 400

After a disappointing rained out race weekend last weekend we move forward to Dover, Delaware for the Autism Speaks 400. This 1-mile track has an abundance of history and no driver has won two races in a row since 2003 when Ryan Newman won both races in 2003. Three of the past four races here have been won by a different car company with Dodge not winning since... 2003. This race used to be 500 miles long until NASCAR limited 500-mile races for tracks longer than 1-mile. With all the history here is what I see going on this Sunday.

1- Kyle Busch: He won here last June and to be honest, he is due. I have this feeling that he will break out this weekend. In 8 career races here he has 5 top 5 finishes. That is amazing considering that 3 of the last 5 races here he has finished 43, 40, & 17th. Last year he finished last because of a bad engine, but I feel good about this with him starting 6th.

2- Matt Kenseth: His name really hasn't been mentioned since he won the first two races of the year, but I am putting him back on the map. Over the past 10 races at this track, who has led more laps than Kenseth? No one. He won here in 2006 and his team has been trying to piece together what they had early in the season. Kenseth knows this track and starts 14th. Welcome back to the top-5.

3- Tony Stewart: I am still sold on him. He is my favorite driver and you have to go back to 2000 to find the last time he won here. In fact he won both races in 2000. Those stats are irrelevant now but when a driver is hot, you don't get off the bandwagon. His stats at this track don't add up to a top-5 finish but you go with the hot driver.

4- Mark Martin: Speaking of hot drivers, how about Mark Martin. Let's be honest, you were expecting a "Morgan Sheppard" type year (If you don't know who he is look him up). Over the last 10 races at Dover, he is 2nd amongst active drivers. So while he was struggling the past few years he was still succeeding at Dover. NASCAR is a skill sport but age is irrelevant. Martin has it even at the age of 50.

5- Greg Biffle: Biffle is that guy that has the most points over the last 10 races at Dover. Two wins and five top 10s during that span can't be matched. Biffle starts 5th on Sunday and should stay up near the top the entire race. Biffle has been quiet all year but this might as well be a breakout weekend for some of the quiet guys. Dover is a special track to most drivers with the history it possesses and Biffle will captialzie.

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