Friday, July 31, 2009

First to Third: New York Times "Outs" David Ortiz

David Ortiz became the latest MLB star to become linked with performance-enhancing drugs as the New York Times revealed that Ortiz tested positive as part of MLB's survey drug testing in 2003. Ortiz joins Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, and Manny Ramirez, whose name was also released today, as the big name players outed from the 2003 list. There were 104 names on that list and we probably still have about 90 unknowns left.

As a fan, I'm pretty tired of reading about two players every several weeks/months/years that purportedly violated league rules. Let's face it: these names will come out, no matter if that's right or wrong (Editor's Note: the general position of goes even further and recognizes that the release of such names might even be illegal).

If sources such as The New York Times are not going to respect the confidentiality stipulation of the 2003 steroid testing, they should at least release all the names at once, rather than by piecemeal.

This won't make the steroid era go away. However, it will at least let us move on, and know the entire truth rather than just pieces of it.

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Real Fake Sports said...

It happened 6 years ago! When will this mystery list from 2003 get totally released, 2015?

It is fun to pile on the Red Sox though.

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