Friday, August 7, 2009

First to Third: Phils Face Tough Decision

In his latest rehab start for AA-Reading, Pedro Martinez looked sharp, striking out 11 in six innings of work. With Pedro on his way back, the Phillies are going to have to re-work their starting rotation. Currently, their five starters are:

Cliff Lee: 1-0, 1.00 ERA
Cole Hamels: 7-6, 4.68 ERA
Jamie Moyer: 10-8, 5.55 ERA
Joe Blanton: 7-5, 4.02 ERA
J.A. Happ: 8-2, 2.74 ERA

So who do the Phillies stick in the bullpen? Chances are the three-time Cy Young award winner Martinez isn't going to the pen. The most likely candidates are Moyer and Happ. Moyer, after dropping four straight decisions in May and seeing his ERA balloon to 7.42, is 6-2 in his last eight starts and has only appeared one time in relief since 1996. Happ began the season in the bullpen but has been lights in 14 starts, posting two shutouts and a 2.80 ERA as a starter. While Moyer would be the choice to go based on the numbers, my money is on Happ getting sent to the pen because of his versatility this season and because it would take the 46 year old Moyer a while to get acclimated to a new role, let alone warm up in the 'pen.

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3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Moyer has pen experience

maybe they should rotate the 2 oldsters on alternating starts?

yet, a 6 man rotation has been done before