Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fanhood and Fantasy: The splendors and spoils of drafting the home team

Just like any other fantasy team, you have to play for the points in college. Being from one of the states where football reigns supreme, college football in Florida reigns supreme. Now, this could be my opinion, maybe go as far as I say as my bias, but it seems to me that college football is a fan favorite down here. The problem with this, is that many times fantasy coaches will base their team off of what Bobby/Jimbo or Urban Meyer do on the field. Sometimes, these choises can be real good, but other times it fails to translate into points on the computer.

1. Don’t pick a player just because they’re on your team……most of the time.

Tim Tebow is big down here (as all over the place), but I doubt anyone out there has picked up Christian Ponder out of Florida State – and they’re both top 10 fantasy QBs. In fact, only 6% of owners on CBS have picked him up. Ponder put up some stellar numbers against BYU last week. Everyone thought that FSU would get embarrassed, but Ponder (21 of 26, 195yds, 2 TDs, passing; 77yds rushing on 11 attempts) scored 32 points and led the Seminoles to a big (read: huge) win. He laid down 31 points in week 1 against UM, and if it weren’t for that terrible game, in the rain, against Jacksonville State, Ponder might be a top 5 QB.

2. Leave your comfort zone; go to California.

Obviously, everyone knows who Jahvid Best is. If you hadn’t before last weekend, you sure do now after 5 TD on 131 yds rushing against Minnesota. Best is a beast, and you cant go wrong with him. But, you also might want to check out Fresno State RB Ryan Matthews. After 234 yds on 19 attempts and finding the endzone 3 times against Minnesota, the most impressive part of him was the ability to break a big play not once or twice, but all 3 TD runs were over 60 yards. I don’t see either RBs slowing down soon.

3. Offenses win games; Defenses win championships.

The National Champs and the Runner-Up have 2 of the best defenses in the nation. Florida is pretty good. They’re consistent. And even though they only have 4 INTs and 4 sacks, they have allowed only 672 yds all season. Yes, one of those teams was barely a notch-above a high school team, but even in their SEC schedule, I see the Defense scoring consistent points. Keep an eye out for Oklahoma. 12 sacks + 9 takeaways – (only) 670 yds allowed = a real good squad. But, a team that some – but might not all – would have guessed to dominate is Boise State. They own the WAC (and your fantasy league) and will continue to do so.

4. The moral of the story.

Use your knowledge of your team and its schedule…but don’t let your fanhood get in the way of your fantasy success.

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