Friday, September 25, 2009

First to Third: Reviewing My AL Predictions

I think predictions are fun. In the beginning of the season, every team has hopes at capturing the championship and everyone thinks they can pretty much guess how the season will unfold. Common folk, like me, post these predictions as a way of saying "look over here, I know what I'm talking about, too!" and experts make predictions to say exactly the same thing as a way to prove their knowledge. Now that we're at the end of the season, I'm going to review and evaluate my predictions as a way to show you how little I (and everyone else) really knows. We'll save the National League until next time.

AL Postseason Awards:
I predicted Rays pitcher James Shields to win the Cy Young and Grady Sizemore to win the MVP. Suffice it to say neither of those things are going to happen and those guys aren't even in the conversation.

AL Playoffs: I had the Yankees winning the AL East and the Red Sox as the wild card. So far, so good. In the Central, I had the Twins winning the division, which isn't a stretch since they're close, but I had the Tigers in the basement. Oops. Out West, I predicted the A's to dethrone the Angels, who I picked to finish second. Oakland didn't come close and began the dismantling process after probably three games this year. I had the Yankees winning the American League and the World Series, so be sure to keep me honest with that one.

Well, that was pretty terrible, besides the AL East. As for some "expert picks" that were a bit off: ESPN's Peter Gammons and Tim Kurkjian also picked Sizemore for the MVP. Kurkjian also picked the Indians to win the Central. Buster Olney had the Rays winning the AL East and the World Series. Glad I'm not the only genius out there! ESPN Expert Picks.

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