Friday, September 18, 2009

First to Third: Yawn; What a Boring MLB September

I love baseball pennant races. There are 162 games played in baseball for a reason - so the best teams make the playoffs. In recent years, there have been some phenomenal races for division titles and wild card spots. Last year, there was even a one-game playoff for the AL Central title. This year... well, the closest division lead is four games. That's really not all that exciting. It feels as if the baseball season is in limbo as teams slowly reach the end of the regular season.

There are two things to keep an eye on as we head into the final two weeks of the season. First, the AL Central, our closest divisional race, could be over this time on Monday or it could be just beginning. The Tigers and Twins begin a three game series at the Metrodome today. A sweep by Minnesota puts that race at one game. In the senior circuit, the Rockies lead the Giants by 3.5 games heading into this weekend, despite San Francisco taking two of three from the Rockies this week. The teams won't meet again during the regular season. So rest up baseball fans, and let's hope October is more exciting!

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