Monday, July 19, 2010

Groundbreaking Fantasy Baseball Ruling: Court Clarifies Standard for Reviewing Trades in Non-Dollar Keeper Leagues

Moments ago, the Court of Fantasy Baseball rejected in a three-player keeper league the proposed trade of Evan Longoria, Carlos Lee and Mark Buehrle for Ryan Howard, Aramis Ramirez and C.C. Sabathia, ruling that this trade "does not reasonably benefit both teams." While the Court has long held that a team may choose to play for the future rather than the present, the Court today notes that "the future benefit of any trade has to be concrete, substantial, and imminent, in light of the players traded."

Today's ruling marks an important step for the court in defining the limits of present-for-future trades in keeper leagues. A full copy of this ruling (Index No. 8165) will be available later this week.

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Brian Doyle said...

I will wait until I see the opinion before I fully comment, but this looks like an interesting decision. I'm not sure whether or not I agree from a personal standpoint, but I wait until I get a look at the facts and the court's reasoning before I go one way or the other.

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