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Fantasy Baseball Dispute No. 8164-T: Approves Trade of M. Teixeira & I. Kennedy for F. Hernandez & D. Ortiz



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Index No. 8164-T

Date: July 18, 2010

League Type: Rotisserie, 5x5


Judge: Matthew Cohen




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The Commissioner of the EP Rules Baseball Keeper League brings this claim in the COURT OF FANTASY BASEBALL, to determine the status of a proposed trade of PiNsTrIpErS players Mark Teixeira (1B, New York Yankees) and Ian Kennedy (SP, Arizona Diamondbacks) to the HappyScrappyHeroPup for players Felix Hernandez (SP, Seattle Mariners) and David Ortiz (DH, Boston Red Sox). This court accepts the proposed trade.

The Law on Upholding a Trade

In this court, it is the general rule that any fantasy baseball trade shall be upheld as long as the trade adequately benefits both teams. (See Public Opinion No. 101, Big Red Rockers v. Big City Bombers). A trade reasonably benefits both teams if it allows both teams a reasonable chance of moving up in the standings. (See Unpublished Opinion No. 468-T, Commissioner Benik. v. Ever-Lastings and 2 Legit 2 Quit). However, where a league constitution provides alternative criteria for reviewing a trade, the alternative criteria may supersede the general rule. (See Public Opinion No. 409-T, Commissioner P.K. v. Cartman). As the League Constitution at issue has no restrictions on trade reviews, the holding of Big Red Rockers will be used and this trade will be accepted if it adequately benefits both teams.

If the league is a keeper league, as is the case here, this Court will also consider a team’s likely performance in future years, especially with respect to the team currently ranked lower in the standings (See Unpublished Opinion No. 3704-T, Commissioner Paul Schultz v. Snakes & Blutos). This Court recognizes that team owners may have different strategies in terms of short-term and long-term goals; and that while one team may try to maximize its chances of winning prize money this year, another team may play for the future (See Unpublished Opinion No. 3731-T, Commissioner v. Muleskinners & Southsiders).

The Proposed Trade

The proposed trade is a 2-for-2 trade:

PiNsTrIpErS proposes to send to HappyScrappyHeroPup (2010 statistics in parentheses):

· Mark Teixeira (.253 Avg., 64 Runs, 18 Home Runs, 61 RBI, 0 SB)

· Ian Kennedy (4 Wins, 4.12 ERA, 100 K’s, 1.25 WHIP, 0 Saves)

HappyScrappyHeroPup proposes to send to PiNsTrIpErS:

· Felix Hernandez (7 Wins, 2.90 ERA, 134 K’s, 1.16 WHIP, 0 Saves)

· David Ortiz (.260 Avg., 47 Runs, 18 Home Runs, 58 RBI, 0 SB)

The Analysis

As the trade includes a pitcher and offensive player going to each team, the Court will compare the players by their position. In looking at the pitching, there is no question that Felix Hernandez is better than Ian Kennedy. Felix Hernandez is currently 6th in the AL in ERA, 2nd in Strikeouts, and 9th in the AL in WHIP. By comparison, Ian Kennedy is 36TH in the NL in ERA, 16th in the NL in Strikeouts, and 18th in the NL in WHIP. Felix Hernandez also has three more wins than Ian Kennedy on the season. Kennedy has had a good season this year, especially in the Strikeout category, but does not project as a keeper for the 2011 Season, which is something that Felix Hernandez certainly does.

In looking at the offensive side of the trade, even on an off-season, Mark Teixeira has more fantasy value than David Ortiz. While both hitters have nearly identical batting averages, nearly identical RBI totals, and identical Home Run totals, Mark Teixeira currently is ranked 4th in the AL in Runs scored, with 17 more Runs scored than David Ortiz who is currently 77th in the AL in that category. Clearly the acquisition of Mark Teixeira is sure to add a lot of Runs to the PiNsTrIpErS, but it also adds increased Keeper value looking forward. David Ortiz is 4 years older than Mark Teixeira. While Mark Teixeira is still in the prime of his career, and an excellent option as a Keeper for future seasons, David Ortiz appears to be at the tail end of his career. This Court does not project David Ortiz to be a keeper looking forward to the 2011 Season.

Both teams in this trade will be gaining one Keeper. The PiNsTrIpErS will be improving their pitching for this year and beyond thanks to the high keeper value of Felix Hernandez and HappyScrappyHeroPup will be improving their offense for this year and beyond thanks to the high keeper value of Mark Teixeira. This Court views Felix Hernandez as having slightly more value than Mark Teixeira looking forward, but it is very close. As David Ortiz has a little more value than Ian Kennedy, this trade is as equal as can be. To further prove this point, the justices of could not even agree on which side of the trade they would rather have. During this Court’s discussion of the trade, I personally felt that the PiNsTrIpErS were getting the better end of the trade by getting Felix Hernandez and David Ortiz, while Chief Justice Marc Edelman thought that HappyScrappyHeroPup was getting the better end of the trade in Mark Teixeira and Ian Kennedy.

In this trade, one team sought to improve its pitching while the other sought to improve its offense. Because of the fact that players of equal value were involved, it is up to the teams to choose which area of the team they wish to improve and focus on. As this trade can reasonably improve both teams, it must be accepted.


Based on the foregoing, this court accepts the proposed trade from the PiNsTrIpErS of players Mark Teixeira (1B, New York Yankees), Ian Kennedy (SP, Arizona Diamondbacks) to the HappyScrappyHeroPup for players Felix Hernandez (SP, Seattle Mariners) and David Ortiz (DH, Boston Red Sox).

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