Friday, November 14, 2008

Women Against Fantasy Sports "Respond" to Jordan

On Wednesday, our newest SportsJudge writer Jordan Zucker (pictured here on the far left) wrote a brilliant article explaining why the group "Women Against Fantasy Sports" is completely misinformed. The WAFS have issued an "interesting" response. However, our court rules in favor of Jordan.

Stay turned next week for more from Jordan on the WAFS, and why women should love fantasy football.

And, also, my sincere apologies for Chris Carmona's recommendation of the Jets defense this week. We believe the rest of his weekly picks will fare much better.

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Grayson said...

FYI...the creator of "Women Against Fantasy Sports" will be a guest on "News To Me" tonight (11/16) on CNN Headline News.

"News To Me" airs multiple times tonight on Headline News including 9:30 Eastern and Pacific. Check your local listings for repeats.