Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fantasy Dispute Resolution Discussed in Florida Sun Sentinel

Sarah Talalay of the Florida Sun Sentinel wrote an article last week about and the market for fantasy sports dispute resolution. To quote a section of the article:

Perhaps it was inevitable that a hobby that has grown so large it has spawned fantasy magazines, television shows, stats services and trophy manufacturers would need arbitration services, too. After all, fantasy leagues typically are run by a commissioner who is also a team owner.

"The game is being overseen by someone who has a vested interest, even when you're not dealing with disputes that involve the commissioner's team," founder and Barry University law professor Marc Edelman said.

Edelman began getting requests for fantasy legal help as a law student in 2001. In 2007, he launched, which charges $15 a dispute, or $100 for 10, and returns opinions that cite past SportsJudge decisions within 48 hours.

No one is getting rich from the services. So far, all say they do it as a hobby because they enjoy it — but they are seeing growth.

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